Grain Free Dog Treats

by yinyang

A lot of dog owners are going with a grain free dog food for their dogs. Don't forget grain free treats too!

A lot of dog owners are following the trend of feeding their dogs grain free dog food, which is great.  But what about dog treats?  Are those grains free too?  If you are going to put your dog on an all grain diet, it’s important to be consistent and make sure that their entire diet is actually grain free.

Grain free dog treats are those treats that replace grains such as rice, corn, and wheat with fruits and vegetables such as apples, potatoes or sweet peas.   A lot of grain based dog treats are heavy in starches, fillers, and carbohydrates, which are often baized in a meat flavoring.   The grain free diet mimics a more natural diet for dogs.  Dog digestive tracts are very short and are not designed for processing grains. 

Other problems with grains include skin conditions.  A lot of the allergies that dogs suffer from can be traced to grains in their diet.  If you change your dog’s diet to a grain free diet, you will notice a significant difference in your dog’s skin and coat.  Dog’s who eat a grain free diet often have a shinier coat and are less likely to have flaky skin.

I have personal experience in seeing the differences between a grain and grain-free diet with my Labradors.  My Labrador that passed away a few years ago always suffered from bad ear infections, which could be due to allergies.  I switched her to a grain-free diet and her ear infections went away.

My youngest Labrador that is currently 4 years old has been on a grain-free diet since she was a puppy.  She has the shiniest coat and is in wonderful health.  A year ago I started to give her some grain based dog treats and I started to have some incontinence issues with her.  After doing some research on the Internet, I switched to grain free dog treats and within days I no longer had incontinence issues with her.

It’s really important to be consistent with your dog’s diet.  If you are going to go with grain free dog food, then you should go all the way with treats and everything.  Remember, your dog’s body is not designed to digest those grains.  Try to keep your dog’s diet as natural as possible.  A grain free diet will help keep your dog healthy and keep their weight down.  Like humans, a high protein and low carbohydrate diet such as a grain free diet will keep your dog's weight under control.  A lot of people avoid these foods, because they cost more money.  My personal philosophy is that it is better to pay more for quality food than to spend that money in the Veterinarian office.  Luckily, with the proper diet and nutrition, I have been able to minimize Vet bills with my two Labradors.

Updated: 04/13/2012, yinyang
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