Great Gatsby style earrings - a quick fashion fix from the Jazz Age

by whitemoss

Add a little Great Gatsby style to your life. Jazz age earrings bring you right up to date with the latest craze- at a very small cost. Here are my top picks for you.

In the Great Gatsby movie Daisy wears fabulous 1920s style jewelry ( jewellery in UK spelling) . Sparkling pendants, drop earrings, diamonds and pearls. Tiffany's have produced a range of Great Gatsby Jewelry that's outside my pay grade, but I can afford a pair of Great Gatsby style earrings. Here are the Gatsby Style earrings that I would buy for myself or my friends. Have fun- it's the Jazz Age!

Thanks of wikimedia commons for the photo.

Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, The Jazz Age - all the rage again.

Earrings are a great way to get the Gatsby Vibe - " Old Sport"

If you don't get the "Old Sport" reference, you haven't read the book, or seen the movie. Jay Gatsby loves to use this expression, which he thinks makes him sound like an English Gentleman.

If you call someone "Old Sport" these days you are being ironic, mocking even. Daisy's husband, Tom Buchanan, got really irritated by the phrase "Old Sport" in the Great Gatsby novel. He thought Gatsby was being pretentious. ( He was right)

I could, and can, ramble on at length about The Great Gatsby, which is a book that I love. I haven't yet seen the new movie. The reviews seem to be mixed, but the clothes and jewelry look fabulous. Great Gatsby fashion is everywhere right now. Even before the Gatsby movie,  Downton Abbey Season 3 had focused on the post war 1920s era. I'd love to look like the elegant Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey.

My nod to the Great Gatsby fashion trend is to wear vintage style Gatsby era earrings. I love earrings. Wearing earrings makes me happy. I like quite big earrings- nothing too subtle. I'm on the look out for fabulous Great Gatsby style earrings, and I'll share the best with you.

These are my top choice Great Gatsby style earrings

I love the shape and sparkle of these dangly earrings.
Great Gatsby Bling Jewelry Silver Art Deco Leaves Teardro...

Why earrings?

A small item that makes a huge difference.

I would not leave home without my earrings. Whatever I wear, wherever I go, I wear earrings.

Sometimes they may be small studs- say if I'm on a hike or swimming. Mostly, the earrings will be something that dangles. I rather like earrings that sparkle too. They brighten the face, they add a sense of fun. Earrings can add class to a simple outfit.

The Great Gatsby style is hot right now, thanks to the new movie, but I've always loved the Art Deco style. Art Deco is a style which flourished in the 1920s in all forms of design, from jewelry to furniture and everywhere in between. It is very well suited to earrings. These are a perfect example, and are top of my wish list.

For a fabulous choice of great earrings you can look at SAKS Fifth Avenue. I especially love the Alexis Bittar range of earrings, many of which have echos of the 1920s.

These Gatsby style earrings from Saks are divine

Alexis Bittar from Saks 5th Avenue
Alexis Bittar from Saks 5th Avenue

Here's the look- as shown on the front of the newspaper from 1922

A Flapper pictured on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post
A Flapper pictured on the cover of th...
wikimedia commons

Louise Brooks, star of the Jazz Age, works the Earrings to perfection

This glamorous photo of the top star of the 1920s shows how the short, bobbed hairstyle offsets great earrings.
Louise Brooks, Late 1920s
Ad AllPosters

And now for two classic choices- something special in Gatsby Style Earrings.

Silver and Pearls- a classic combination much loved by Daisy in The Great Gatbsy

The shapes are Art Deco, 1920s classics. The silver and the pearls work together in these elegant designs. These earrings are not the sort to be worn by the lower orders of women- these are for the Ladies!

If you see the Gatsby movie, you may not see such delicate earrings. They don't show up so well on the big screen.

However, for class, style and fashion, these silver and pearl Gatsby Style earrings are very special. I think any one of these would make a perfect gift.

These earrings could also be worn by a bride on her wedding day.

Silver and pearls- a match made in heaven.

See the trailer from the Great Gatsby here.

Can you see Daisy's earrings?

Jet black- great for drama in the Gatsby style

These earrings are not expensive- you get a lot of impact for your dollars.
1928 Jewelry "Bonne Nuit" Vintage-Inspired Chandelier Earrings

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Downton Abbey "Jet Memento Boxed" Jet Belle Epoch Chandelier Pave Hematite Accent Stones Drop Ear...

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1928 Jewelry "Black and White" Gold-Tone Filigree Teardrop with Jet Pear Shape Overlay Earrings

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Not all Gatsby era earrings are silver and pearl- they can come in jet black too.

Jet is a black gemstone popular in the 1920s.

In the UK, jet was very fashionable in the time of Queen Victoria, who dressed in mourning for most of her life following the death of her husband, Prince Albert, when she was only 41 ( she lived to be 82).

In the 1920s jet again became fashionable and was used to make the long bead necklaces that typify the Flapper look.

Here you get the same black jet style as earrings. These earrings really are a bit showy, but in a good way. I've picked Gatsby Style 1920s earrings in black from the lower end of the price range. They are not real jet, but a good replica. You can treat yourself to the Gatsby look and not feel guilty.

Updated: 11/05/2015, whitemoss
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DerdriuMarriner on 05/18/2017

WhiteMoss, Which film version of The Great Gatsby do you prefer: 1949, 1974, 2000, 2013? I'd love to see the lost silent film version of 1926, which is considered the most faithful, with William Powell.

paperfacets on 03/06/2014

I need to see the new version. I can guess it would be a feast for the eyes with costumes and the period sets.

whitemoss on 05/16/2013

It's going to be big! Thanks for visiting

katiem2 on 05/16/2013

Stunning earrings the Great Gatbsy look is no doubt going to take off, such a beautiful look.

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