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by whitemoss

Paisley, last fashionable in the Summer of Love, is back on trend f. Get the Paisley fashion in your life with great Paisley accessories.These make great gifts too.

The Paisley design originated in the East, and was brought to Europe by traders in the 17th century. In the 19th century, weavers in the Scottish town of Paisley began to weave Paisley designs on their looms to make the fashionable shawls loved by the Victorians.
Now, thanks to Stella McCartney and other top fashion designers, Paisley is back in fashion, prettier and more desirable than ever.
Milan fashion week 2014 showed wonderful Paisley clothes. Above mosy people's price range of course, but still a trend we can follow.
The easiest way to get the new Paisley fashion is to add Paisley accessories .
Here are the best of the many great Paisley accessories to buy right now.
(Paisley photo from flickr creative commons commercial use.)

The History of the Paisley design.

How the ancient curled leaf design became Paisley, and became fashionable.

The design known as Paisley comes originally from the Orient, Asia and India. The typical design resembles a curled leaf, or a kidney shape, or maybe a tear drop.The design is thought to be at least 2,000 years old, and may have religious significance.

When the European nations began trading with the east in the 16th and 17th centuries, fabrics in the Paisley design were imported , largely as shawls. These Paisley items were beautifully colored and intricate, and were far more sophisticated than most fabrics then available to the wealthy classes in Europe at the time.

Europeans tried to copy the Paisley design with limited success, but eventually, in the 19th Century, the weavers in the Scottish town of Paisley devised a way of producing high quality woven Paisley on their looms. They commissioned designs from artists such as Charles Waite. The Paisley weavers's products became so popular that the design then became known by the name of their town- Paisley.

In the 20th Century, Paisley had a period of huge popularity in the late 1960s,when the Beatles among others adopted Paisley clothing along with their love of all things Eastern and mystical.

Since then, Paisley has fallen out of fashion, and had been mostly seen only on pyjamas and rather dull ties- until now!  Paisley is hot! Paisley is news! Paisley is cool! 

Paisley is pretty, adaptable, ageless and fun. Here is a great way to get the latest hot fashion trend.

The perfect Paisley bag .

Get the new pretty Paisley fashion trend with these beautiful bags. Toes or clutch, find the perfect Paisley purse.
Sling Bag,Crossbody Sling Backpack Bag Paisley Mini Casual Shoulder Daypack Chest Bag for Women M...

Only $24.99
Canvaslove Paisley Pattern Lightweight Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Bag Sleeve Case for MacBook Pro...

Only $19.99

Paisley shawls

Just small items that give you the fashionable Paisley wardrobe .
Sakkas Two Tone Vintage Jacquard Paisley Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf Stole - Black/Gray paisley

Only $15.98

Do you love Paisley like I love Paisley? Or do you hate Paisley?

I've loved Paisley all my life. Maybe I'm a little odd? Please take the poll
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Here's the result on Paisley- love it or hate it.

Which Paisley accessory will you pick?

Paisley bag? Paisley Pashmina? Paisley hat? Here are my favorite Paisley accessories.

You could buy yourself a Paisley dress for the latest  fashion trend, or you could be more cautious and just choose an accessory like these gorgeous Paisley bags.There is a fabulous choice of Paisley totes this year. You can use them as a shopping bag, a beach bag, a travel bag or even a backpack.

These tote bags will look great with the new  skinny jeans for casual wear.

You could buy a neat paisley clutch bag to go with your  new classic shift dress for a more formal look.

For summer, round off either outfit with a Paisley hat. Go for the floppy Paisley sun hat for fun, or the beautiful straw hat with just a subtle pasiley trim for smarter wear.

There are some really Paisley scarves around this year. I particularly love the range of Paisley scarves at Macy's.

Paisley skirts and sarongs are perfect for vacations if you're a snowbird.

On the beach, on vacation, or on a sunny day at home- paisley skirts and sarongs look great.
Vera Bradley Sarong Marina Paisley

Vera Bradley Sarong Marina Paisley

Only $129.99

These two designs are from 1860 and 1870, when the Paisley shawl was very fashionable.

Desgined to be made into shawls on the Paisley looms, here is a look at Paisley from over 100 years ago. The new Paisley Pashminas that you can buy are very similar to these original designs.
Fabric Design for Paisley Shawls, c.1871An Indian 'Rumal' Shawl in a Paisley Design. Circa 1860

A Paisley Pashmina- sounds exotic, looks hot.

Eastern sounding and full of allure. Pick a Paisley pashmina to get the latest fashion trend. Echoing the designs from the 1870s, yet a hot fashion trend .
70" x 28" Silk Paisley Self-design Pa...70" x 28" Double Layer Jacquard Paisl...

More about Paisley, the hot fashion trend.

There's something about Paisley......

I love classic designs, and they don't come much older, or classic, than the wonderful Paisley pattern.To find out more about the history of Paisley,take a look at  The Paisley design on Wikipedia. It's a very detailed listing.

The design only became known by the name "Paisley" relatively recently. If you'd like to know more about the town of Paisley in Scotland  take a look the the official Paisley website

I've just looked through my wardrobe and find that I already have some Paisley items. I'm already on the hot trend. Actually, these are vintage items. One is a shawl from Liberty of London in fine wool which I've had for years. It travels everywhere with me. It's very fine and light, but warm and beautiful . I take it when I fly to keep me cosy when it gets too cool onboard. My Paisley wrap helps me to sleep!


The second item is a Paisley kaftan, which I've had for more years than I care to remember. I has a long history. Who knew it would be a hot trend 40 years since I bought it!

Can you believe I also had a dress very like the one below!

Just for fun! Remember when this was the fashion? Or are you too young?

Perfect for a 60s party- Paisley as it was in the Summer of love!
California Costumes Women's Groovy Chick Costume, Black/White, Large
Only $44.88

Why not take a look at Paisley on ebay?

You'll find the latest hot fashion trends on ebay.

How about this beautiful Paisley jewelry?

Here is the perfect Paisley style accessory- at a great price too.
Sterling Silver with Black Hematite Overlay and White CZs Paisley Open Teardrop Necklace Pendant ...

Sleek and elegant, the "Sterling Silver with Black Hematite Overlay and White CZs Paisley Open Teardrop Necklace Pendant and Earrings Set" makes a stunning statement. Crafted in...

Only $168.00

There are lots of Paisley dresses to buy right now

Take a look here for lots more on the hot Paisley fashion trend.

How to wear Paisley 
Do you think Paisley is just for hippies? Think again. Paisley is back and prettier than ever. Top designers are making paisley a fashion trend for 2...

Your iPad and Kindle can also wear Paisley .

Accessories for your prized possessions.

Love your Kindle? Mad about your iPad? Of course you are. Treat your best loved gadgets to a Paisley makeover. You know they would love these new Paisley Kindle skins and Paisley iPad covers!

Paisley for your Kindle.

Treat your Kindle to the latest Paisley fashion trend.
BUILT Kindle Slim Folio Cover for Kindle and Kindle Paper...
Only $34.99
Decalgirl Kindle Skin - Pallavi Paisley
Only $14.99

Fabulous Paisley cases for your iPad

Look after your iPad with the perfect paisley case- it deserves the latest Paisley fashion trend
Empire Midnight Paisley Slim Fit Case for Apple iPad mini

EMPIRE's one piece slim fit snap-on Midnight Paisley Case for Apple iPad mini is made of highly durable plastic and combines fashionable looking elements with an outstanding des...

Head Case Blue Green Paisley Pattern Snap-on Back Case For Apple Ipad Mini Wi-fi

Provide an eye-catching design for your tablet with this line-up of colourful Paisley Patterns that look perfectly great for your Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi. This Head Case features ...

JAVOedge Whimsical Paisley Axis Case with Sleep/Wake Function for the Apple iPad 2 (Sky Blue) Pas...

Add some fun into your life with our Whimsical Paisley Axis Case for iPad 2. With a vibrant light blue background covered in colorful shapes and outlines, our newest Paisley pat...


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DerdriuMarriner on 10/17/2014

whitemoss, Me, too, the love of paisley has never left me, either.
I feel in my heart that Stella's paisley collection is a nod to her mother.

whitemoss on 10/17/2014

Good point re Stella. I'm Linda's era, and the love of Paisley has never left me.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/16/2014

Paisley is a favorite design for me. My sister made a gorgeous dress of green paisley that I loved and wore forever.
I'm thinking that Stella McCartney's appreciation of paisley may date back to her mother's wardrobe. Stella has often credited her mother with instilling in her an early love of fashion, and paisley was a hot trend during Linda's lifetime.

Mira on 12/03/2012

Oh, that sixties dress is so much fun!! I have a really nice paisley shirt from the nineties. Glad it's making a comeback. Will need to do some shopping :)

BardofEly on 11/01/2012

I love Paisley patterns so very glad to see it making a comeback in the world of fashion. I still have a silk Paisley tie from the 60s though it has got a small moth hole in one place. I'll have to wear it anyway and look right in fashion!

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