How to Grow the Shamrock Plant - Bulbs vs Seeds

by happynutritionist

Growing Shamrocks is a fun and easy project to do with the children, or for your own pleasure to decorate for St. Patrick's Day or add to the garden.

St. Patrick's Day is a happy time of celebration and many symbolic images come to mind when you think about it, including the Shamrock.

In our part of the Northeast USA it has been so cold and snowy by the time March and St. Patrick's Day comes around, that we are ready to see green things growing. It may still be too cold to see them growing outdoors, but not indoors.

Growing Shamrocks is a wonderful way to get your hands in some soil before it is warm enough to work the soil outdoors.

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by Claudia Meydrech aka happynutritionist
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Is the Official Luck 'o the Irish Shamrock grown from Bulbs or Seeds?

Later we will attempt to sort out whether or not there is a difference between a Shamrock and a Clover, but first another question, why are there both Shamrock bulbs and seeds available, and what's the difference?


Trifoliium dubium

The official "lucky" Irish plants go by the botanical name Trifoliium dubium and they are grown from tiny seeds. As you can see below, you can easily purchase authentic seeds that come from Ireland. They are small, and some are surprised by that, they expect a bigger package...if your expectations are realistic, you will be pleased with these easy to grow seeds.

For children and the young at heart, you might want to pick up a simple kit that comes with all you need, plants grow from the seeds in about a week.

They are very hardy plants, and just need to be kept watered. They won't last as long in a pot as they do grown outside in the right climate, but keep them in a place that gets some sun and keep them watered but not over-watered, and they should do just fine.

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Oxalis deppei

There is another nice flowering plant with MUCH larger heart shaped leaves that has the botanical name Oxalis deppei, and these plants are grown from bulbs. You will find an instructional video below on how to care for the bulb variety that some call a Shamrock, or I've seen some call it false-shamrock.


But to answer our question, the official lucky plants come from seeds.


Shamrock Seeds from Ireland

Grow your own shamrocks from these seeds imported from Ireland.

View on Amazon

Dunecraft 4-Leaf Clover Science Kit

Grow lucky shamrocks in just a week. 4-Leaf Clovers are the original shamrock of Ireland. Shamrocks are easy and fun to grow. Safe for ages 4 and up, retails for 4.99.

Only $21.15

View on Amazon

Oxalis deppei Shamrock Bulb Kit: Includes 5 Shamrock Bulbs 5/+ Cm, Professional Planting Medium, ...

4 Large shamrock-like leaves with dark lines or inner corners. Shamrock clumps will sprout 12 inch stalks with peachy pink flowers on top. Full Sun, Partial Shade 10-12 Inches T...

View on Amazon

Caring for the bulb variety of the plant

This young man did a great video to help us

The Difference between a Shamrock and a Clover

Which is luckier? A Shamrock or a 4 Leaf Clover?

Is there a difference between a Shamrock and a Clover?

This is a question that I asked myself when looking at a pot of Shamrocks one day. I also wondered whether a 4 leaf Clover was just as lucky as a Shamrock, or whether the two ideas were related in some way.

I will tell you that they are related to one another, though I have never seen Shamrocks with their heart shaped leaves growing anywhere in my wanderings through the fields and woodlands, and on the herb walks I've organized or attended in years gone by here in the part of the United States where I live.

But lets have a little fun, here is a picture of some common clovers with their rounded, not heart-shaped leaves, and there are one or two 4 leaf clovers in the picture...can you find them? (Image below from Pixabay)


Find the Four Leaf Clovers

Find the Four Leaf Clovers
Find the Four Leaf Clovers

Did You Find the Four Leaf Clovers?

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May your day be lucky and fun now that you have found the 4 leaf clovers!

The Spiritual Message of the Shamrock

The Trinity

St. Patrick was a missionary who traveled about Ireland in the 400's AD. The message of Jesus Christ - His birth, death, and resurrection; were not well known at that time in Ireland, and it was for this reason that St. Patrick went about sharing.

There are those that say that he used the Shamrock to illustrate the Trinity to those who did not understand. This would be the three-in-One of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But the most important part of the message shared by St. Patrick was that Jesus had come to earth, God among man, and paid the ultimate price on the Cross for those who would and will believe in what He has done.

Since the holiday is named after a Saint that spread the Gospel message to the Irish, it seems fitting to remember that message and be thankful when looking at the humble Shamrock.

And now may I leave you with a traditional Irish Blessing with beautiful photos from Ireland

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happynutritionist on 06/13/2015

@DerdriuMarriner I hope you were able to find the lucky clover :-) Thanks for enjoying the page.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/04/2015

HappyNutritionist, Thank you for the fun hide-and-seek of four-leaf clovers and the lovely traditional blessing! It's so beautiful the way so many people, Irish and non-Irish, come together to remember Saint Patrick.

happynutritionist on 03/17/2015

Thank you @WriterArtist - and I wish you and all a happy St.Patrick's day.

WriterArtist on 03/11/2015

On Saint Patrick's Day, it is worthy to grow shamrocks. The official lucky plant just got more lucky, you can find them everywhere and they look awesome in the garden.

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