Guardian Angel Gifts for Christmas

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Guardian Angels remind you of spirits, healing and spiritual realms. They are the perfect religious gifts for Christmas.

Beautiful photos of Guardian Angels and sculptures are great source of inspiration. For someone to start a day with positive thought is a way to deal the difficulties that life presents. Aspirations and affirmations sometimes help to face hurdles.

Prayers sooth and melt hard and steadfast rock that otherwise sway us and rob out confidence. Let us face it, even if one does not believe in Almighty, there are moments when one prays and asks for help. Divine intervention or not, people come out of the blue to help a hand. I have experienced that and perhaps you have experienced it too.

Guardian Angels are with us each and every moment of day if only we could see. All of us might not be able to see but we may be able to observe their presence. Feeling the strength, energy and warmth promises that they are there, they will help us, so that truth and goodness prevails.

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Guardian Angel Figurines


Carrying your guardian angel figurine that is small yet subtle in a pouch or pocket can help you when you need them around. The figurines come in small sizes and can be carried while you are traveling.

You can place the figurines on your desktop and tabletops. These figurines can act as lucky charms and be placed in living rooms. You can also place it in the child’s room to make them feel protected. An angel in a room gives strength to the kid and helps it to sleep comfortably.

Place it where the kid can reach out and hold it in his or her hands. You too can hold it in the palm when you are anxious or nervous. You can also present this as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. It is a gorgeous gift for stocking filler and looks great as Christmas tree ornaments also.

Do you believe in Deities, Angels and Fairies?


It might be that you believe in God, it might be that you do not believe. You must have however, felt that certain things that happen are beyond explanations. You might have received help, good fortune just when you thought you were on the verge of collapsing. You might have recovered from a shock, a terrible misfortune, all due to them. There might be things and circumstances suggesting a divine helping hand which you could not reason with your limited power of visions and intellect. It is something that is extraordinary and cannot be explained by the usual theory and principles of science.

Guardian Angel Christmas Gifts

Guardian Angel Gifts
Guardian Angel Gifts
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Have I seen a guardian angel?


I will be very specific and truthful about it. No, I haven’t seen an angel, but I had several instances and experiences that gives me the feeling that the nature, the cosmos wanted to help me through my difficulties. Means and circumstances got created that were favourable to me to bail me out of these seemingly tough situations when I thought all the doors were closed.

Guardian Angels are always around

What are Guardian Angels?


You can call Guardian Angels – your protectors, spiritual guides, Gurus or deities. They are present in places that have spiritual vibes.  A place that is devoid of demonic dispositions such as jealousy, anger, hatred, cruelty and all kinds of negativity is most likely where they can be found.

Angels seem to appear mysteriously in incidents such as crisis and occasionally even come when summoned. So whether or not you contact these angels or spiritual guides they come to help you unconditionally. Angel encounters are there, believe it or not.

Guardian Angels ARE Real, Just Watch This

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DerdriuMarriner 15 days ago

The film Sundays at Tiffany's, from 2010, deals with a girl, Jane, and her imaginary friend, Michael. Michael somewhat functions as a guardian angel in the way that he celebrates good times with her and helps her problem-solve and survive the bad times.

Have you seen the above-mentioned film?

Mira on 11/24/2014

I'd be curious to learn more about what Christian Orthodoxy says about guardian angels. We do have a prayer that we learn as kids :) I like the idea of those little jars. Little kids who are thrown into life's difficult waters may find comfort in them. Pinning

WriterArtist on 11/18/2014

@EmmaSRose - Thanks, since I love subjects related to spirituality, I hope I will find time to write about them.

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