Guest Posting - are they worth it?

by SimeyC

As the Google Pandemic continues to disrupt traffic Guest Posting is becoming an important aspect of SEO and one that can help build a writer's reputation.

How to improve an online reputation.

As I continue to see my Google traffic hemorrhage, and the associated revenue diminish, I begin to wonder if there is a way to not only create some do-follow links, but also pick up some fans for my blogs and articles.

Adding comments to other blogs is not only time consuming, but generally the traffic I get from them is mostly negligible or at the very best, simply intrigued readers – what I want is followers, readers who will bookmark my blogs or articles because I produce quality writing and add value.

Simply adding comments to other people’s articles doesn’t really give me the scope to show my own particular talents and does not give me the ability to impress. This is why I am beginning to consider the importance of Guest Posts.

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Guest Posting cycle
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What is a Guest Post?

To put it simply a guest post is usually an article or blog entry on someone’s blog that is writing by a guest author. You can write guest posts for other quality websites, or invite owners of quality websites to write guest posts on your own blog.

What types of sites should I write guest posts for?

There are several important factors that you need to consider when writing and targeting guest posts:

  • The site must have similar content to yours. There’s no point writing a guest post on an Apple Mac website if your blog is aimed at PC gamers. Find sites that mirror your thought.
  • Select only high quality sites. If you guest post on a site that is full of spam or low quality writing then you are probably going to lower your reputation rather than gain quality followers. You MUST find sites that at least equal your site – if you can find superior sites, getting a guest post on an ‘experts’ site is validating your skills.
  • Try and select sites that have ‘do-follow’ links – usually a blog that accepts guest posts will Tallow the writer to post a small bio that may contain a link – if the site has a great reputation, then a do-follow link from a trusted website will benefit your own article or blog.

What are the advantages of writing guest posts?

 There are many advantages of writing guest posts on other people’s blogs:

  • Improved reputation – if the website you guest post on is well established and known for its expertise then you immediately gain validation and improve your reputation – the site risks its own reputations by allowing guest posts, therefore if you are approved as a guest writer, then it’s a good sign that you are doing something right.
  • Valuable Traffic – not only are you going to get some decent traffic and hopefully followers from the bio link, but if the link is a do-follow link then your site will benefit. Even if the link isn’t do-follow, the extra visibility from an established site can only enhance your own website.
  • Portfolio – as you delve into the world of online writing, and begin to aim for more guest posts and perhaps some freelance work you can build up a decent portfolio that will only enhance your reputation and help you get published as a guest writer on other sites. As your reputation builds you will be able to ask for them to include your Google Adsense code, or even ask for a flat fee for a guest post.

Should I invite other writers to write guest posts on my blog?

Yes – if you can get a quality writer from an established website to write a quality guest post on your site then you not only add value to your own readers, but you may also find that the writer will add a link in his/her blog to the guest entry. Having a guest writer on your blog also validates your own blog – you must be doing something write if an established writer will risk placing a guest post on your blog.


There’s no doubt that after the Google Pandemic hit, writers across the web began to look into SEO more closely. Even the tried and tested methods of back-linking, long tail etc don’t seem as effective these days, so diversification and looking into different methods to gain reputation and traffic are very important.

Quality content is always going to help, but if you can’t attract readership then you will ultimately fail no matter how good your writing is. Guest posting is a superb way of getting traffic while building a reputation for quality writing.

Updated: 05/14/2014, SimeyC
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MikeRobbers on 07/05/2013

That's a really interesting and helpful article, Simey. And a possible solution to the problems you mention in your post. I will certainly take a thorough look into that matter. Thanks for sharing.

petunia on 07/03/2011

Guest posting makes good sense to me. I am considering a series of guest posts on my new blog as a semi-introduction. (if you are over 60 and interested, drop me a note!) I also have seen some great interviews by Correen aka clouda9 - another good way to share your space with other bloggers in your field.

SimeyC on 06/22/2011

ronpass: I agree - commenting is still an important tool to build back-links, and reputation - and combining guest posting and commenting is very important. There's more to gain from a guest post, but quality comments can be successful especially as you become vert active on a particular blog or forum.

SimeyC on 06/21/2011

Spirituality: quality and understanding the audience of the site are important - also trying to at least match the quality of the intended site is important too!
Chefkeen: this is a brand new 'game' for me and like you I'm finding that some sites have long lists of requirements!!!

spirituality on 06/21/2011

Quality is important too though. I get a lot of guestpost submissions. Most are not worth publishing, unfortunately. When writing a guest post, do take the audience of that blog into account.

chefkeem on 06/20/2011

Thank you for this solid article on guest posting, Simey. I'm currently considering a submission to Problogger and their guidelines for guest posting are quite long. It's a great challenge, though.

Jimmie on 06/20/2011

I can attest to the power of guest posting. After I got an article posted at a BIG blog, my subscriber numbers jumped significantly. Then that same blog approached me for another guest post because the main writer wanted to take a summer break! Yeah! If there is a blog in your niche that takes REGULAR submissions, that's a good gig too. Getting your name out there on many sites but in your same niche gives you a boost to reputation and BRAND.

lou16 on 06/20/2011

Great information on guest posting, this is something I've been thinking of lately so finding your article was very timely.

ronpass on 06/20/2011

You make some sound points about the benefits of guest posting on blogs. I have written guest posts on a number of blogs and, as you say, it does bring traffic and enhance your reputation. However, I do not see guest posting/commenting as an either-or proposition. I think you need to create original content (either for your own sites or as a guest) but you also need to make comments on others' original content. Social media marketing is a reciprocal process. I think there is the broader issue of relationship building. Wizzley, for example, would not exist if some of the Co-Founders had not built relationships initially through reading and actively commenting on each others' content. I enjoyed your blog by the way - it's very readable and offers sound advice based or your own proven experiences.

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