Halloween Placemats - Witches and Their Cats Flying Across the Moon

by Digby_Adams

A witch flying across the moon with her black cat is one of the most popular Halloween images. Humans have always dreamed about flying and having magical powers.

Halloween is a time of fancy and make believe. Even adults for a fleeting second wish they could conjure magic in their lives and fly across the sky. Talented Indie artists have created unique Halloween placemats showing a witch on her broomstick flying across the night sky. These high-quality cloth placemats will look fabulous at your Halloween party. Of course, they'll be equally fabulous for the family dinners

Witch and Cat Placemat on a Gray Background

Their silhouette flies across the moon
Classic Halloween Placemat

The dappled gray background gives this Halloween placemat an eerie tone. I think it looks like abstract bats keeping the witch and her black cat company has they set out on their Halloween journey. The softy creamy Harvest moon is the perfect color to complement the gray background. The fearless black cat sits bolt upright on the top of the broomstick. 

A very sophisticated design that works well for an adult dinner. 

A Colorful Witch Holds on to Her Hat

Her black cat holds on to her for dear life
Colorful Halloween Placemat

This witch looks to me like she's hurling herself across the moon. She's holding on to her hat to keep it from blowing off. Her can is holding on to her back for dear life. It looks like she's on the verge of getting her license to drive a broomstick revoked. This colorful witch want's nothing to do with black robes. She's wearing a bright yellow-green robe with a matching ribbon on her black hat. Perfect for a witch with a sense of humor.

Fantasy Art Inspired Witch and Black Cat

Two moons - a full moon and new moon
Fantasy Style Halloween Placemat

Well if flying across one moon is good, I guess flying across two moons is better. This indie artist used a fantasy art style to portray the witch and her faithful sidekick. Even the black cat looks like a superhero. The witch's hat has a long and stylized brim. Don't forget to note the yellow buckles on her shoes or the pink scarf around her neck. 

Frances Brundage Witch and Cat on a Sickle Moon Placemat

Vintage Halloween placemat
Warm and Sentimental Halloween Placemat

Frances Brundage gives us a wide-eyed vintage witch in a bright red wool coat. She also has a red ribbon tied around her tall and pointed witch hat. Instead of flying across the moon, she and her cat have decided to stop for rest. Brundage uses a new moon instead of the Harvest moon in her design. 

Dressed for Speed Witch Flies Across the Moon

Modern take on a classic Halloween design
Humorous Halloween Placemat

This witch is dressed for speed in her lycra witch gear and racing helmet. Even her black cat is crouching in an aerodynamic position. Don't you just love the black racing stripes on her purple outfit?

Monarch Butterfly, Tiger Dragon Witch with Cat Placemat

Flying Across the Moon in Fantasy Style
Fantasy-Art Halloween Placemat Style

I stared at this artfully designed witch for quite a while trying to figure out how to describe it. It's a little bit tiger, a little bit monarch butterfly with a pinch of dragon. Fanciful design that will delight fantasy art lovers. From orange and black stripes to purple stockings and witch hat. This witch robe is fitted to show off this witch's curves. An expressive black cat loots a bit frazzled. There's also a frowning jack-o-lantern, cauldron and lantern on the broomstick. 

Plump Green Witch in a Purple Robe Steers Across the Moon Halloween Placemat

Her black cat hangs on for dear life!
Humorous Halloween Placemat Style

This black cat looks like he's lost one of his nine lives. He's hanging on for dear life as his witch flies determinedly past the moon. She's quite plump and green, creating quite a sight with her purple robes. The crisp black background shows off the full moon and witch and cat design. 

Updated: 07/19/2015, Digby_Adams
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blackspanielgallery on 08/25/2015

These would make a difference if one were to host a Halloween party.

Digby_Adams on 07/20/2015

I agree. I prefer artistic to gorey as well.

WriterArtist on 07/19/2015

Love the witch theme colorful Halloween place mats. Prefer this artistic flavours compared to the gory, blood stained themes.

Digby_Adams on 07/19/2015

Witches are the queens of Halloween. There are lots of them in every realm.

blackspanielgallery on 07/19/2015

There are quite a few from which to choose. I am surprised.

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