Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers

by jptanabe

Fun and Scary Salt and Pepper Shakers for Halloween - a cool way to decorate your table for the holiday and all year if you like!

Don't you just love Halloween! There's so much fun to be had - costumes, decorating, carving pumpkins, free candy! And of course if you want to be scared, there are haunted houses, spooky ghosts and monsters, and witches.

Whatever your focus, Halloween themed salt and pepper shakers are a simple, fun, and actually useful, way to get the Halloween spirit moving. Here are a few of my favorites, so check them out!

Halloween has Witches, Cats, Owls and Pumpkins!

Halloween has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is a time when the realms of the living and the dead (spirits, ghosts and the like) come closer, as if the veil has been drawn back allowing the spirits of the dead to come to earth. Of course this can cause problems for the living!

Apparently, the "heads" of vegetables (turnips) were used to frighten off any evil spirits that might try to do harm. Large turnips were hollowed out, carved with faces, and, with a lighted candle inside, placed in windows to ward off evil spirits. These became the now familiar "jack-o-lanterns" carved from pumpkins.

Witches are thought to have spiritual powers and so naturally they are associated with Halloween, along with their "familiars" - usually black cats and owls. Yes, these are some of the essential ingredients for a great Halloween, and there are salt and pepper shakers of all of them. (Love that cauldron's face too!)


Here we have a Good Witch and a Bad Witch for your salt and pepper - I think they're kind of cute!

Or you can have a Witch Child and her Pumpkin. That Jack o' Lantern looks a bit more scary than the witch


Yes, owls are important for Halloween. Those huge birds flying around almost silently, or staring at you with their big eyes - definitely scary!

Of course, some of us owl lovers favor keeping our owls less "dressed up" so they can stay in use year-round!

Black Cats


These cats are certainly black! 

They actually look very content, not scary - but you never know what they are planning!



These pumpkins look quite happy - which is surprising since they each have a spider living on their head!



You've got to expect a few ghosts at Halloween!

But these really seem more cute than scary! I'd love to have any of them on my table.

Look at these white hugging salt and pepper shakers - they look like really cute ghosts to me!

Then there are these two ghosts - are they scary or cute looking? They are trying to say "BOO!" but they look like silly funny ghosts to me!

The Dead!

Halloween is all about the spirits of the dead, or sometimes the undead.

So skeletons and skulls are common features, especially if you're into the scary aspects of Halloween. And some of these skull salt and pepper shakers are just the thing!

This Creepy Human Skull salt and pepper set is made of cold cast resin. The holder stands 6 inches tall, is 7 inches deep, and 5 inches wide. The salt and pepper shakers are made of glass.

These unique Flaming Skull red and blue shakers are made from ceramic and measure approximately 2 1/2 x 2 inches.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A favorite Halloween movie, Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas," featured Jack Skellington and Sally. It's a wonderful, magical take on Halloween (and Christmas!) with scary but lovable characters.

So, whether you're watching the movie for Halloween or not, these very characters can be part of your Halloween!

Jack Skellington and Sally - they may be dead but they're so cute together!
Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington & Sally Salt and...


What better creature to promote fear on Halloween than a handsome, but bloodthirsty vampire.

And of course, when she hugs him he's leaning in to give her a "kiss" on the neck!

The Newlydeads

My favorite!

Aren't these just married but dead bride and groom so cute?

They look like they'll certainly be happy ever after!

Updated: 10/24/2022, jptanabe
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So are you ready for Halloween? - Would these salt and pepper shakers help you enjoy the scare?

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jptanabe on 08/15/2015

Thanks! I love them all too!

WriterArtist on 08/14/2015

Halloween is the most fun filled festival with a scary factor though.
What a spectacular spooky collection of salt and pepper shakers - love them all.

blackspanielgallery on 08/14/2015

These can spice up a party. It had n idea people made these.

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