Harry Potter Lego Castle

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Do you have a dedicated Harry Potter fan who you are buying for? They are going to love the Harry Potter Lego Castle based on the famed Hogwarts School!

Are you looking to buy the dedicated Harry Potter fan a great gift this year? Then the Harry Potter Lego Castle could be the ideal answer.

You cannot fail to be aware that Harry Potter is the character created by bestselling author JK Rowling.

The books have sold millions of copies and the subsequent blockbuster films went on to break box office records.

Harry Potter merchandise has become very popular and sold out all over the world as a result of the success of the films and the books. One of the products that came out as a result of the movie and book success was the Harry Potter Lego Castle.

Buy The Harry Potter Lego Castle

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4842)
Only $129.99

Harry Potter Lego Castle Toy

Harry Potter Leog Toys - Perfect For Christmas

The Harry Potter Lego Castle is one of the Lego products produced that depict moments in the original films.  The castle was just one of the products that were produced in the line of Harry Potter Lego products.

All of the Lego toys relating to Harry Potter were released to coincide with each film that was released. By way of example Lego also released great Lego Toys when Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix were released.

The Harry Potter Lego Castle depicts the famous Hogwarts Castle which lies at the center of the Harry Potter saga. Most diehard Harry Potter fans would want to get their hands on this piece of essential Harry Potter merchandise.

The Harry Potter Lego Castle can be purchased as a festive season gift, birthday gift or as part of a collection of Harry Potter Merchandise. Harry Potter Lego items can be purchased from most toys however; they are more than likely to be cheaper if you purchase them on the internet.

You are more likely to get a discount buying online than if you were to go and buy it from a local toy store. If you have a large number of toys and gifts to purchase it might be good idea to purchase them online and have they delivered to your door.

The Harry Potter Lego Castle is the kind of toy that if you buy it now, in a few years’ time you might be able to sell it and make your money back or make a profit on it, much like the toys that were made for other popular fictional characters!

Buy The Harry Potter Lego Castle

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4842)
Only $129.99

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures

As we know LEGO has the most extensive collection of Harry Potter playsets that you’ll find. They come with everything you need to recreate your favorite Harry Potter scenes straight from the movie as well as stories from the book series. The minifigures that usually come with the smaller sets are often limited to just two or three characters and while the bigger play sets come with more, sometimes the characters that you want aren’t included.

Fortunately, you can buy LEGO Harry Potter minifigures separately and almost all the main characters in all the movies of Harry Potter are represented. There’s even a minifigure of the troll that appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Dementors from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 and 2.

Below are other Harry Potter minifigures that you can get for your LEGO playsets. Collect them all and enjoy recreating your favorite scenes from the movies and books.

Harry Potter LEGO Harry Potter

Of course no Harry Potter LEGO playset is complete without the boy wizard himself. There are actually a few variations of the Harry Potter minifigure including the ones where he’s wearing his Quidditch uniform or in his normal clothes which includes pants and a blue jacket.

You’ll almost always find Harry Potter with his wand. Some sets feature him with a cape, the Sorting Hat, an invisibility cloak, or a Quidditch flying broomstick and the golden winged snitch.

Hermione Granger LEGO Harry Potter Minfigure

Hermione Granger also comes in a few variations just like Harry Potter.

But one thing’s for sure and that is she’s always ready to do magic which is why all the Hermione minifigures comes with wands.

Ron Weasley LEGO Harry Potter Minfigure

Harry’s best friend (in addition to Hermione) is no doubt Ron Weasley and Ron minifigures come in several designs including the one with him wearing his Gryffindor uniform and regular clothes.

The most recent LEGO minifigure of Ron Weasley lets you switch between two different facial expressions and comes with accessories such as a wand, an owl or a cat.

Dobby with Sock LEGO Harry Potter Minfigure

Dobby is adorable and he’s even cuter as a LEGO minifigure. You can find him in the “Freeing Dobby” Harry Potter LEGO set and he comes with a sock accessory in his hand.


Dobby is smaller than the normal sized LEGO minifigure. He measures 1 ½ inches tall and has movable hands and head.

Rubeus Hagrid LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure

The more recent LEGO Harry Potter sets include the updated Hagrid minifigure which features more details on his clothes, lighter flesh color, and more expressive eyes.

He also comes with a torch accessory and is larger than normal sized minifigures by about an inch. 

Professor Snape with Wand LEGO Harry Potter Minfigure

Professor Severus Snape LEGO minifigure comes in many variations and has also been updated as far as flesh colored skin and a more expressive and detailed facial expression.

You can find Professor Snape in many of the Harry Potter LEGO sets, but just in case you have one that doesn’t include him, he’s also sold separately and comes complete with a cape and wand.

Troll LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure

The troll minifigure truly has a unique form that’s unlike any other in Harry Potter LEGO sets. He stands almost 4 inches tall, has elongated arms and legs, comes with a club accessory and is exclusive to only one LEGO playset that has already been retired.

If you’re a minifigure collector, then this is definitely one you have to have in your collection.

Other Harry Potter Lego Toys

A little while ago a new line of Harry Potter Lego products was released which included the Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego castle.

There are various other products within the Harry Potter Lego range. For example there is a Harry Potter Lego board game, Hagrid’s Hut  and many more besides!

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Well written. A must have for any Harry Potter fan this Christmas.

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Wow! This is a beautiful review.

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Wonderful gift ideas for Harry Potter fans!

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