Hawaiian Lei Flowers - History Of Lei, Symbolism And Meanings Of Lei Flowers

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Read all information about Hawaiian lei like history of Hawaiian lei and meaning of Hawaiian lei flowers. Also buy online the best leis for Hawaiian luau party and celebrations.

Hawaiian lei are beautiful garlands made out of exotic tropical flowers which are used during Hawaiian weddings and celebrations and also to welcome and greet visitors in Hawaii. Beautiful Hawaiian flowers of a variety of colors are used to make the lei, which usually include highly fragrant flowers like plumerias, tube roses, jasmine and also other non fragrant but exotic orchids and hibiscus flowers. Hawaiian lei have become an integral part of the Hawaiian culture including Hawaiian weddings and luau parties and these lei are very popular among the tourists too.

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History of the Lei

The history of Hawaiian lei is interesting. Traditionally, flowers and leaves were not the only things used to make Hawaiian lei. Hawaiians also used shells, seeds, fruits, feathers, hair, ivory, even teeth and bones of animals to make the lei.  The feather and shell lei from old times can be seen at the Bishop museum at Oahu. Even today, shells and feathers are used along with flowers and leaves to make the lei.

Lei  is considered as a symbol of Aloha in Hawaii which means peace, love, affection, friendship and respect. Lei is used in Hawaii from a long time even by opposition parties as a sign of peace and harmony.

Lei was introduced to Hawaiians by Polynesians, who loved decorations with strings of flowers. During their voyage to Hawaii around the 12th century, Polynesian voyagers brought the lei along with many other things like new plants, food items and even medicines. As many of the voyagers settled in Hawaii, the beautiful lei also became a part of the Hawaiian culture due to the cultural influence. Hawaii became a popular tourist destination from around late 1800's and the Hawaiian lei also started becoming popular from that time, with the street vendors selling lei to the tourists.

From the year 1928, May 1st is celebrated as the Lei day in the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiians exchange and gift beautiful lei  on this day and they celebrate the day all around the islands including schools.

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Lei Symbolism

If someone greets you with a beautiful lei in Hawaii, that means you are welcome. You are honored and respected, so it is usually considered rude to refuse a lei. Hawaiians use lei in all celebrations like weddings, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries, but they are more widely and commonly used in Hawaiian weddings and Luau parties, which are traditional Hawaiian parties.

The lei is usually worn around the neck or head. There is a belief that pregnant women should not wear lei around the neck since it relates to umbilical cord tangling.

Extremely fragrant flowers like jasmine, plumeria and tube roses are used to make the Hawaiian lei. Colorful flowers of orchids, hibiscus etc. are also very commonly used in lei to make the lei colorful.

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Orchid lei

Lei made with each kind of flower has a specific meaning, even though many are not aware about this. For example, lei made of orchid flowers are usually used to welcome and greet new visitors to Hawaii and they are also used to convey thanks.

Plumeria lei are also very widely used to welcome visitors, however it is not a good choice to greet those who are sick, since there is a belief that plumeria lei are not good during sickness.

Jasmine or pikake lei is a great choice to be used for weddings, as they represent love, affection and harmony. Usually red and pink roses are also used along with pikake lei. It looks like lei made of roses alone are not very common, and I am surprised why. Lei made of a kind of leaves called Maile lei are used by the hula dancers as they associate it with the goddess of dance.

Lehua Flower


Lehua is the official flower used in Hawaiian leis, and it is associated with strength as they represent Pele the goddess of fire.


These flowers were traditionally used by women to reduce labor pain. There is a belief that lehua are the first flowers that come after a volcanic eruption.



Image Of Lei made of red Lehua flowers

Ka Pua Lei O Lāna'ihale

Plumeria Flowers Lei Picture

Plumeria lei

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