Hello Kitty Bedroom Accessories and Decor

by Marie

Gorgeous selection of Hello Kitty bedroom decor ideas for a kids room, toddler bedroom or baby nursery. Cute bedding and room accessories bring on the sweetest dreams for girls.

A Hello Kitty themed bedroom makes for a really super cute baby nursery, toddler or kids room. I know for a fact that it can be great for adults too if you can't get enough of this kitten whose favorite color is pink - I know I can't! Check out the giant wall decal stickers which can really instantly set the scheme of your whole design and they look amazing up on the wall.

You don't have to go for an all out pink room with this particular cat who also happens to like pastel colors like pale green and lilac as well as bright rainbow colors like orange and strawberry red, and lashings of white. Work up a scheme using the colors you like and you can find lots of cuteness to match.

I would work the color scheme around the actual Bedding that you get as this is the single most important piece of the bedroom decor. Here's a tip if you can't stretch to purchasing a full bedding set. Just purchase a themed bed throw or blanket with this character on and then match up some plain bedding with the colors in the throw. This will save a significant amount of money. There are throws and blankets further down this page.

How sweet is the pastel Kitty and Puppy 4 piece crib set which includes a quilt, crib bumper, crib sheet and dust ruffle. All the basics for crib bedding. There is also a 4 piece bedding set for toddlers featuring a refreshing combination of pastel and raspberry pink shades. The Peace bedding comes in bright and funky shades of pink, orange and blue and is available in both full and twin sizes. The brighter colors are perfect for older kids.

Lambs & Ivy Hello Kitty Garden Rug, Pink

The Hello Kitty Rug measures 30" x 40". Coordinates with bedding set. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% acrylic, and has anti-slip backing.

$33.00  $21.95

View on Amazon

Hello Kitty Microfiber Rug

Accessorize your bathroom with a bright and colorful Hello Kitty 31.25"x21" microfiber rug is ideal for bathroom or any room. Machine washable.

Only $19.93

View on Amazon

Wall Decal Stickers Add The Scheme Instantly

Wall decals or stickers are a great idea for quickly giving your room a theme. Wall decals are removeable and repositionable which means that you can place your stickers up and then move them if you don't like where they are. The decals don't leave any sticky gloop or mess behind when you take them off the wall, so they're fast to use. Much easier than decorating with traditional borders or wallpaper too.

I love this castle and princess kitty set. Work out where you want to place the large castle (next to a crib or a bed, above a drawer chest or dresser, on a bare wall) and then add in princess, a pond with frogs, trees, flowers, butterflies, bees and birds. Too cute!

For older kids, there are some bolder colored wall decals which feature Kitty White in her everyday life: biking, walking, sailing, painting and having a celebration. There are 32 stickers in this set which can be used to bring life to a bedroom. And enough to add some cute cats on every wall. If you like the idea of a more permanent wall decoration, there are the traditional paper borders which you can get hold of instead.

A blanket for a crib or a throw for a bed can make a nice and extra-warming addition to a child's room. You can also cut costs by using plain bedding and matching it with a this character theme with the blanket or throw which has a Kitty motif on. The fleece blanket is sized for a baby nursery or a crib. It doesn't fit a toddler bed. It's a super soft pale pink fleece material with an applique Kitty which is just featured on the right corner. So a delicate rather than huge motif. Kitty is taking her puppy for a walk - how sweet!

The bed throw is a large throw at 50 x 60 inches. It features Kitty, bunny and a great big cake. Lots of raspberry pink and white colors which will work well in an older child's bedroom. Throws don't just dress up beds. We've used throws to liven up sofas and to hang from a pole on a bare wall as fabric art. I've also used them to cover the front of bookshelves so you can't see all the untidy and dog-eared books!

Create the right atmosphere and mood with some brilliant room lighting. I love this retro idea of a glitter glow lamp which creates a soft glow for the bedroom with gently swirling sparkling glitter. Young kids will be fascinated by this lamp and how pretty it looks with the shimmering glitter cascade. For more conventional lighting, how about a Garden Lamp which will sit on a desk, table, wide shelf, dresser or drawer chest. This character sits beneath a pink polka dot lamp shade next to a purple and an orange heart.

Many young children like to have special night lights because they don't like sleeping in total darkness. My daughter has always liked a night light and this helps her to feel safe and secure in bed. Night lights are also useful when children need to get up in the night to use the bathroom because it means that they can see what they're doing.

Clocks and Time Pieces for the Room

Spectra KT2064 Hello Kitty AM/FM Projection Clock Radio

Awaken to kitty! This clock radio has a projecting light that lets you view time on your dark ceiling. 0.6 Red LED Time Display Dynamic Speaker Unit Dimensions - 5.7(W) x 4.7(D)...

Only $275.0

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Hello Kitty HKC537 Wall Clock

Hello Kitty wall clock with a genuine mirror case. This wall clock features a smiling Hello Kitty design. This is a fun home decor accessory that is suitable for adults or child...

Only $30.72

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With very young children, a wall clock which you can read easily is a lot more useful to you than the child. Although my daughter can tell the hourly time, she doesn't yet have much concept of what time is - if it was up to her we'd carry on playing for hours before bedtime! Having a bold wall clock means you can easily see when it's time for your child to go to stop playing and go to bed.

As children get older, you can use the clock to learn how to tell the time too. The clock face on a wall clock is normally nice and easy to read. When the hands get up to an hourly time like 8 o clock, you can ask the child what time it is and is it bedtime. Older school kids might like to have their own alarm clock which lets them know when it's time to get up. This gives them a little more responsibility which is one more way of helping your child to be more independent.

A musical mobile is surely a must for a nursery! Babies spend such a lot of time in cribs so, when they are awake, it's great to give them something interesting and engaging to look at. The mobile has a small plush cat which can be kept when the mobile is no longer required. It has cute shades of pale pink, raspberry pink, orange and purple and will keep baby amused with the dangling heart, flower and butterfly.

A diary is a cool piece of kit for children old enough to write. It comes with stickers, a stamp and ink pad and a cute pen. Instill a life-long love of writing in a little girl by adding a pretty diary to her new bedroom. She can secretly write away in bed, on a beanbag or at a little white or pink desk.

How about a cute plush soft toy. You can get a Beanie Baby which means she's stuffed with 'beans' or tiny plastic pellets which give her body a real squishy feel that kids love to hold. Kitty is dressed in a super cute pink tartan dress and wears a matching bow. She would make a wonderful addition to any little girls bedroom.

Don't forget that it's easy to dress up windows in style by using a window valance. This pretty piece of raspberry pink fabric trim features the cat's face and some pretty orange organza ribbon trim across the bottom. How about a wooden wall hanging of this character taking her puppy for a walk? With just 2 nails, you can hang her up on a bedroom wall to match and co-ordinate with the rest of the sweet accessories and items. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun making a great design.

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