Help Me Sleep

by Art-Aspirations

Sleep disruption, insomnia or just trouble getting to sleep - far too many people sleep poorly and go through life tired, stressed and edgy. What can help me sleep?

I've been on a quest to find my lost sleep, and have uncovered some clues that have helped me on my way. I hope they will help you too. On this page I share some tips I have learned, and some products worth knowing about if you are looking for ways to get a better night's rest.

Let's restore our quality of life by banishing sleep deprivation.

The Gift of Sleep

I’ve collected a lot of wisdom from talking to people, especially health professionals, from observation, and from analyzing my own successes and failures. I've shared my tips for falling asleep faster and my long journey toward finding my best sleep position. This page is mainly about products that can help. I am convinced that a good deal of our sleeping problems come from the overloaded lives we live -  counter-balancing the overload is a big part of my concern. So the first suggestion for creating a lifestyle that includes a healthful night's sleep is to keep a regular bedtime. Don't let your busy, demanding life steal this away from you. Your body has a natural daily rhythm and can be really confused by irregular schedules. You will have much better success getting to sleep if your body knows what to expect. Try to go to bed at the same time each night. 

The Missing Hormones that Can Help Us Sleep

as recommended in this book by Dr. Natasha Turner, Naturopathic Doctor
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Melatonin Helps Reset the Natural Sleep Cycle

You'll get a deeper sleep. It also helps you cope with jet lag or shift work
NOW Foods Melatonin 5mg Vcaps, 180 Capsules

Research indicates that Melatonin may be associated with the regulation of normal sleep/wake cycles. Melatonin is a potent antioxidant that defends against free radicals and ...

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5-HTP Increases REM Sleep

It counteracts sleep loss related to anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia
NOW Foods 5-HTP 100mg, 120 VCaps

Supports Positive MoodAs a dietary supplement, take 1 Vcap daily, preferably on an empty stomach at bedtime. Consider taking this product in combination with NOW Valerian ...

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Pre-Sleep Routine

Build the time for getting ready to sleep into your evening. An end of day ritual tells your body and brain that the time to sleep is just ahead. Habits are powerfully controlling, as we all know, so take advantage of this and create a ready-for-bed habit that will give you the signal to begin to close it down and prepare to sleep..

It’s a mistake to be mentally or physically active right up to the very last minute and then imagine that you are going to get right to sleep when you climb into bed. Instead, give yourself a cooling down period. Make it a pleasant time of self-care.

Stop what you are doing at least half an hour before bedtime. Change into your nightclothes. Brush your teeth slowly and thoroughly, including flossing. Take your time. Wash your face and use your products, gently relaxing as you do so. Breathe deeply. Tell yourself you are having a spa moment. Get out of the mindset that these are last minute chores you must rush through.

Relora Reduces Anxiety and Stress

It is helpful for people who wake up often at night
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Magnesium Glycinate Calms Your Nerves and Helps You Relax

It can reduce muscle cramps and lower blood pressure
Solaray Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg - 120 Veg Capules

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Do These Gentle Stretches

Make it part of your bedtime routine to get the kinks out of your body. This is not the time for serious exercise, just a little end-of day muscle release.

  • Put your hands over your head and reach as high as you can. Go up on your toes and reach even higher. Then down.
  •  Stretch your arms out at the side, shoulder height and gently push back. Feel your shoulder tightness give.
  •  Bring your arms out in front of you. Slowly let your hands go down toward the floor, gently bending your back one vertebra at a time. Don’t deliberately try to touch your toes, just let the weight of your arms softly drag toward your feet and stretch your spine. Hang there for a little while and let your spine decompress. Come back up slowly, uncurling just as gradually.

Feels good. How about a yawn?

GABA Reduces Anxiety, Muscle Tension and Pain

It works even better with niacin and vitamin B6
NOW Foods True Calm Amino Relaxer, 90 Capsules

True CalmTM is an effective combination supplement that incorporates the latest amino acid and neurotransmitter research into one easy-to-use formula. True CalmTM includes ...

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Ashwagandha Is an Anti-inflammatory and a Anti-oxidant

It helps with stress, fatigue, nervousness, and insomnia
NOW Foods Ashwagandha 4.5% Extract 450mg, 90 VCaps

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an herb that is extensively used in Ayurveda, the traditional health care system in India. Ashwagandha is used as a general tonic and ...

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Natural Products for a Natural Sleep

These natural supplements can help provide you with an adequate supply of the hormones that may be missing from your body. As with any product of this type, do not ignore the manufacturer's recommendations and warnings. Your best plan is to pick one and try it for a few weeks. Notice how you feel and if your sleep improves. For example, if you use melatonin and you don't see a difference, it could mean that you were not deficient. Try a different once and see what the results are. If you try two or three things at once, how will you know what helped you?

Updated: 05/12/2012, Art-Aspirations
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Art-Aspirations on 02/25/2012

I love to read myself to sleep. Always have. Now I use audiobooks. Listening to a bedtime story is like a return to childhood.

AJ on 02/25/2012

Right from when I was a child I have found the best thing to get me to sleep is to actually read. I have no problem getting to sleep, but staying asleep can be a very hit and miss affair. Thank you for sharing these sleep tips, those natural remedies certainly look worth trying.

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