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Holiday traditions are an important way for children to learn about their faith. A favorite Christmas tradition is the nativity set - Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus in a manger.

Holiday traditions are an important way for children to learn about faith and culture. A favorite Christmas tradition is setting up and displaying the nativity set in a place of honor for the Christmas season. Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus in a manger, angels, shepherds, sheep, barn animals, and sometimes wise men and camels, are set on display in a prominent location in our homes. This manger scene, or crèche as it’s sometimes called, reminds us of why we celebrate Christmas.

Fisher Price Nativity Playset for Christmas
Fisher Price Nativity Playset for Christmas

Setting up the Nativity is an Advent Activity

Children love to take part in setting up the nativity. Families often make a special event of unwrapping the figures one by one and setting them in their proper places around the stable, telling the story once again. It never gets old. The kids want to handle the figures and arrange them or even play with them. Toddlers especially learn from tactile experience and want to touch everything. Unfortunately, most manger scenes cannot survive rough handling and could even be dangerous if they break or chip.

Why Not Have a Manger Scene Children Can Play With?

For toddlers, everything about Christmas is wonderful. They can't get enough of the story of how Baby Jesus was born in a stable with the animals all around while the shepherds worshiped and angels sang for joy. Wouldn't it delight them to have a manger scene that they can play with, one that is designed for their small hands and they can handle without harm? That's exactly what Fisher Price has done with their Little People® Christmas Nativity Playset. It is beautifully designed with adorable play figures. It is safe for a one-year-old to touch and play with, but it could actually look good in your living room.

I Love the Fisher Price Little People® Nativity Playsets

I am so glad I found these nativity toys. I can recommend them to any parent or grandparent who wants an Advent tradition that the smallest children can join in. It's a delightful way to pass the Christmas story from generation to generation.

I bought this Little People® Nativity Playset for my grandchildren several years ago. It comes out of storage early in the Christmas season and sits in a prominent place where the grandkids can easily touch and play with it. They love that. The next year I bought the shepherd set and the wise man set to complete the display.

Playsets and Expansion Sets

nativity toy wise men

Fisher Price has changed the Little People® Nativity Playset over the years, and there are several versions for sale. The basic nativity playset includes Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger, an angel, four animals, a donkey cart, palm tree, two fence pieces and stable. FP also came out with a set that requires three AA batteries. It plays Silent Night and Away in a Manger, glows when you lay the baby in the bed of hay, and makes animals sounds when you open or shut the stable door, and has an angel that spins for joy when you slide the star.

The shepherd add-on set is available as a separate toy called Fisher Price Little People® - Lil' Shepherds. It has an angel, a shepherd with a lamb, two sheep, drinking well, grassy hill and connectable fence posts.

The wise men add-on set is called Fisher Price Little People® - The Three Wise Men. Included are the three kings, their tent, camel, hay and a connectable fence post with a palm tree.

I bought all of these for my granddaughters, and I encourage you to buy them for the special children in your life. You will be so glad that you did. What a wonderful addition to a joyous Christmas celebration with a nativity display that can be touched and enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Some comments from parents and grandparents:

"The figures are a perfect design, made so my three-year-old can play with it safely. We love it!"

"My kids absolutely love it! It is their most played-with Little People® set. Every little kid that comes over plays with it."

"My kids, from 16 months to 7 years old, all love it. Buy it. You won't be disappointed!"

"I bought two for gifts. The kids love being able to play with the nativity sets rather than just look at the fancy ones that we all have on our mantles and shelves."

"Children love to look at and touch the beautiful nativities set up at Christmas. With this set, there is no reason for adults to forbid them … thanks to Fisher Price for creating this set for our children to learn the true story of our Savior's birth through play!"

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