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Using herbs for anxiety can be very helpful in reducing the stress and discomfort that is associated with anxiety disorders. Find out more here.

Using herbs for anxiety can be very helpful in reducing the stress and discomfort that is associated with anxiety disorders. Whether or not you suffer from extreme symptoms such as panic attacks, you may find that using the right herbal treatment can help you discover a more positive attitude to life.

Of course, if you suffer from any noticeable symptoms, it is important to have these checked out by a doctor. You may find that your anxiety is caused by medication that you are taking, or by a disease that might otherwise have gone undiagnosed. The symptoms of panic attacks are often very similar to heart attack symptoms. In many cases this means that somebody having a panic attack ends up in the emergency room unnecessarily, but sometimes it can be the other way around.

Herbs for anxiety can be prescribed by a specialist in herbal medicine, and many times this is the best way to go. However, you can also try some of the herbs listed below to see if they help you in managing your symptoms. Most of them are reported to have calming properties.


You may see kava recommended as one of the effective herbs for anxiety online. It has helped some people with symptoms of stress and anxiety but it has also been related to liver disease in some research studies.

In the USA, the FDA has issued warnings about kava. In some other countries it is banned. If it is available in your country and you decide to take it, do not exceed the recommended dose and do not take it for more than six months. You should not take it at all if you have any liver disease or condition.


Valerian is a well known herb that has been used for centuries in Europe as a sedative and anti-anxiety aid. It is often recommended for people who have trouble sleeping. It also seems to help some people who suffer from migraine headaches.

However, valerian does not suit everybody. Some people appear to lack the ability to digest it, and in that case it can have the opposite effect, causing agitation, stomach pain or headaches. The only way to know if it will suit you is to try it.


Passionflower is another traditional natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia that has been found effective in research studies. It appears to have sedative properties that can calm a person and promote restful sleep without causing drowsiness during the day. Again, there may be side effects for some people, including stomach complaints or palpitations.

Most herbs for anxiety can be purchased either as nutritional supplements in the form of capsules or tablets, or as a herbal tea. Generally, it is easier to control the dosage if you choose nutritional supplements. Herbal teas can vary widely in how much active ingredient they contain.

Please be aware that herbal treatments can affect people in different ways. Most herbal supplements are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. For safety reasons, herbs for anxiety should not be combined with other sedatives, tranquilizers or sleep medications. In addition, it is important to read the fine print on all supplements and, if you have any diseases or are taking any medication, talk with your doctor before taking any herbs for anxiety to check that there are no contraindications in your case.

Have Any Of These Herbs For Anxiety Worked For You?

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Rose on 12/03/2015

Does the passionflower fruit also have a benefit?

sockii on 09/13/2015

Your warnings about kava are misleading. Further studies have shown that the issues of possible liver toxicity and kava are due to kava that is not made with pure root matter, as it should, but contains leaf and stem matter as well. These are the "dangerous" parts of the plant, sometimes included in kava products to "bulk up" the packaging. Kava should also not be consumed at the same time as alcohol or other products which effect the liver because the combined effects can be bad for you, but not kava consumption on its own. Many, many people have consumed kava daily throughout history without negative health effects, provided they do so properly.

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