Amazing Aloe Vera Health Benefits and Herbal Home Remedies

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I have always preferred the usage of herbs and home remedies for small burns, wounds and allergies. The amazing aloe vera health benefits are widely known in Ayurveda.

Aloe Vera health benefits are excellent and it is famous for the alternative home remedies and treatments. People have used it to treat skin rashes and allergies from ancient days.

When I was small, sometimes my skin used to erupt into red or pink rashes due to allergy from a foreign metal such as a small thing like wearing a bangle or a bracelet on my hands. My Mom used to apply aloe vera juice and it used to heal in a small amount of time.

I like to work outdoors in the garden, many times the hot sun creates sun burns and blisters on my face, every time the soothing aloe vera has come to my rescue, applying it to my forehead has brought me instant relief.

While working in the kitchen, it is inevitable that you get small cuts while chopping vegetables, get bruised with things around and even get burnt. Herbal home remedies that seem so trivial often provide first aid, believe me they are so effective. Growing herbs in your garden can mean that they can be used for all alternative home remedies, besides bringing that special flavor to your dinner and breakfast.

Perhaps you do not know, many herbs have potent medical usage and are used in medicines. It is prudent to have these medicinal herbs handy, at any given time they can just provide you relief from a small disaster and pain.

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Herbal Home Remedies from Aloe Vera


The Aloe Vera plant is perhaps one of the most popular herbs in the world of Ayurveda just like the holy basil, which is also known to cure cold. Indians use basil in the tea and the tea tastes extremely delicious. Aloe vera is very popular in India and is widely known for its many medicinal benefits.

At home, if you have the fresh grown herb in your home garden, pluck some leaves and squeeze out the juice, rub it gently at the affected area. It helps relieving the itching, providing the required moisture to the skin and softening the tissues.

The fresh juice can also be applied to hair; it gives a shiny gloss and nutrients to the hair.

Aloe vera can be used both internally and externally. However, if you have severe skin allergies and rashes, it would be prudent to show them to a qualified physician or dermatologist.

About Aloe Vera and It’s Health Benefits


It is so easy to grow; my father always had a bunch of aloe vera saplings growing in his garden every time I visited him on a vacation. It is an attractive looking herb with dark green leaves closely resembling to that of lily’s. It does have small spines on the surface which are sometimes clearly visible. I have seen the plants take height from 1 to 2 feet. In my country they are present throughout the year, best time to plant them should be spring or early summer. The herb requires a good deal of sun to grow and moderate amount of water.


The herb is a powerful healer to skin injuries, minor ulcer and burns and is known to act as a mild laxative. Aloe vera is prevalent and is known to cure acne, eczema and problematic skin problems such as excessive oily or dry skin. It helps retain moisturizer and is profusely used in beauty and skin care products. Many commercial products like ointments, creams, gels and lotions will have aloe vera as the basic ingredient. Aloe vera gel when applied to the face gives a fresh glow to the skin.

Aloe Vera Herb on YouTube

Have you used aloe vera ?

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Yes - I have known this herb for many years
DerdriuMarriner on 06/16/2022

My parents raised me with a great respect for the ancient wisdom in Indian culture. So I remember always having aloe vera plants for the aesthetic, cosmetic, health and nutritional ayurvedic purposes that you mention above.

My sister therefore sees to it, even before she traveled throughout India, that she always has aloe vera for herself and as gifts to family and friends. She actually succeeds at growing aloe vera from cuttings!

Tolovaj on 05/29/2013

Sure, it is very popular here.

ologsinquito on 05/21/2013

Yes, we always have aloe vera in our house.

Updated: 04/30/2021, WriterArtist
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Have You Used Herbal Home Remedies with Aloe vera?

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DerdriuMarriner on 06/16/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I appreciate aloe vera as home remedy for allergies, burns and wounds. Oftentimes, bunch-grass blades end up slicing my fingers when I don't wear my gardening gloves. Or I get burned when I pick up something at the edge of the fire pit. Or I have a case of poison ivy ;-{.

Have you ever reacted to poison ivy and poison oak? There's no immunity once one is allergic. Aloe vera and hot-water soaks make them less lasting and painful.

WriterArtist on 06/26/2013

Hi Mira,
Yep, aloe vera is great for sun burns and skin allergies. Drinking aloe vera juice regularly is very healthy too.

Mira on 06/25/2013

It's been very popular here since the nineties. Mom once brought home a bottle for us to drink. There was little talk of other natural stuff at the time. It seemed to be all about aloe vera, and there was a company, Forever Living Products, that made lots of sales.
We still use aloe vera in my family if we get sunburn.

WriterArtist on 06/01/2013

I agree with you Tolovaj, antibiotics have side effects and home remedies for small issues work better.

Tolovaj on 05/29/2013

I always preferred home remedies to 'hard medicine' and looking at problems with antibiotics more and more people will turn to nature again.

WriterArtist on 05/28/2013

It is great that you have the plant itself, you can use the fresh herb.
I use aloe vera regularly, it is such an useful herb. I am glad that you use it too.

GeorgiaRose on 05/22/2013

I love aloe vera! I mainly use it on my face and also in my smoothies. It makes my skin so clear and healthy! Thanks for sharing these great facts and tips.

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

My aloe plant has gotten so big it has actually grown out of the pot tipping it over, gotta trans plant. Thanks for all the tips and uses.

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