Yoga for Students

by WriterArtist

Yoga is for all– However, “Yoga for students” is required because they are the foundations of today and future of tomorrow. Why not instill good habits, virtues and asanas of Yoga.

It is known that small kids are born Yogis.


Because their bodies are tender and flexible.
Because they do not have layers of prejudices and biases.
Because this is the right age to inculcate good practices in them.

So why not incorporate the good virtues in them right now. Yoga as the general public thinks is just not an amalgamation of yogic postures, it is the art of living with a stress free mind and a powerful healthy body. A combination of disease-free body and a supreme mind without the impurities is the goal and the essence of yoga.

For serious yogis, there is a doctrine and philosophy that has to be followed, in addition to a restricted “satvic” diet. But for common people, it is made easier and there are fewer restrictions to food and timings.

It is made less strict so that people can adapt to its methods comfortably. For the benefit of many, yoga is used in many forms, most popular are the Yoga asanas and the breathing techniques known as “Pranayama”.

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Is Yoga Right for Students?

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Yep - This is the right age for Yoga
DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2022

An experienced instructor knows how to "grow" children and young students into adult practitioners.

Why Yoga for Students?


Crimes are increasing, so is the stress level. Materialistic achievements, financial gains and fame have not relieved men from desire and sorrow. Money is not capable of granting mankind the key to happiness.

For younger generations, information, technology and gadgets are easily available. They are more equipped and perhaps more knowledgeable too. However, there are increasing instances of burglary, genocide, ruthless slaughters and terrorism that show that the culprits are young. Young students are brainwashed into doing something they would never do in their right frame of mind.


Are we missing something?

Studies have shown that a major fraction of crime can be prevented. Morality should start from home. Schools should teach and infuse moral values, brotherhood and secularism. Meditation and Yoga should be taught in the early agenda of a student’s curriculum and education.


Yoga helps to build a healthy body and control the mind. Left to itself devastated mind can create havoc. It is essential that our students learn moral responsibility towards the society, obligation to the nation and the world as a whole.


Yoga for Students on YouTube

How Yoga can Help?


Yoga can help through its teachings. The old adage of yoga relies on a life lived with virtues. As a yogi, the student learns to breathe naturally and correctly. The breathe is the “Life force”, the pranayama asanas teach the student how to breathe in certain postures. Once he has learned breathing, he or she can proceed to different asanas.

There should not be any element of hurry. Each asana requires time and patience to master. Slowly and steadily the body can adapt to the various postures and remain calm breathing easily. Yoga asanas are known to slow metabolism and increase longevity. When practiced regularly, they are also known to infuse confidence and build concentration. Naturally, when the focus is increased, the efforts are more fruitful, giving the person a life full of satisfaction devoid from greed.

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Do You Think Yoga Will Help Build a Good Society?

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DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2022

In particular, I appreciate how yoga gives one confidence in moving around, because of awareness of body exteriors and interiors, and in supporting healthy, positive emotions and thoughts.

Do parents who know and practice yoga inadvertently get in the way of their children's relationships with their teachers or would they be promoting and reinforcing positive attitudes toward being taught by those older and ;-D wiser?

DerdriuMarriner on 12/04/2019

WriterArtist, Thank you for the photos, practicalities and products.
Previously when I read this article, I left no comment even though my vote is one of the three currently listed. The article mentions all the essentials for how, when and why.
Some people start ballet and sports no later than the very early years in elementary school, so why not the less injurious, more encompassing yoga too?

WriterArtist on 06/26/2013

Yoga certainly has simple exercises for a back-ache. Breathing exercises like pranayama can be done by all if one can keep the back straight and there are other exercises for spinal cord that can be learnt by a certified Yoga teacher.

Mira on 06/25/2013

It's definitely something to think about. I have been meaning to start yoga somewhere, but I have a back problem and that probably means I have to stick to the exercises that work for me. But yoga is so much more than that. I do read about it.

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