Shampoos for Thick Hair – Choose Your Hair Products with Care

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Some people are born with thick frizzy hair whereas some have thin hair, both cases require different shampoos. Shampoos for thick hair require smoothing and straightening the volu

I have always loved voluminous hair, plain or curly. Thick hair has a lot of volume and gives an appearance of abundance. If arranged nicely, the wavy looks of the curls are pleasant to look. Thick mane was always an attraction to me.

While having thick hair is quite beneficial and glamorous, cleaning and maintaining them can be tough. Thick hair is often curly and can attract dirt, grease quite easily. Dragged by hair issues such as thinning, drying of hair, oily scalp and dandruff which are quite common nowadays, it is hard to get the correct shampoo for a specific hair type. Thick hair can often be a victim of one or all of these problems.

With so many products out in the market, it is a challenge to get the right shampoo that is capable of smoothing, providing the necessary volume, natural and organic and leaving the hair as shining as is on the hair models. The advents of new brands and new shampoo types have definitely added to the crowd on the shelves, one can easily get drowned in the variants adding to the confusion.

When looking for a shampoo, I would always look for a shampoo that does not leave my hair dry, is safe from chemicals and provides the necessary moisturizer to retain the natural glow.

Thick Curly Hair

Thick Curly Hair
Thick Curly Hair

Understanding the Composition of Shampoo


It is interesting to note that people used soap for cleansing hair before shampoo came in picture. Soap leaves the hair dry and also irritating to the eyes. In ancient days, women used homemade product with ingredients that were quite harmless and safe. With an ever busy life-style, people do not have time and would like to have good quality, chemical free product that will not damage their hair. A great demand has necessitated a good deal of research and new shampoos are developed by chemists to meet the requirements by experienced pharmacies in laboratories.

It helps to know the ingredients of your shampoo, this way you can be knowledgeable about the components and decide whether they are healthy and organic.

1 Water - This is the key and basic component of the shampoo and forms 70 to 80 % of the composition. It is a base for the solution and needed for the solvents to dissolve.

2 Surfactants or Detergents –This ingredient is responsible for cleansing the oil and grease as it has an oil soluble portion. Surfactants as such are not harmful unless you have a very sensitive skin and scalp.

3 Foam Agents – As the name implies they are used to soften water and create lather or foam.

4 Thickeners – Thickeners are used to increase the viscosity

5 Conditioner –A conditioner compensates for the roughness created by surfactants. The inhospitable effect is removed by providing softness to the scalp and the hair.

6 Preservatives – These ingredients are required to prevent bacteria and fungi.

7 Citric Acid – It is an antioxidant used to preserve the oils. A naturally derived product from citrus fruits that is safe to use.

In addition, many different types of ingredients are added to provide various functions. Some of them are fragrances, botanical extracts, natural oils, proteins, and vitamins vital to the hair.

Shampoos for Thick Hair



If you have thick hair that has a tendency to dry forming knot and curls, a shampoo that provides adequate moisture is needed. Use shampoos made of aloe vera. Aloe vera helps to retain the moisture, has easier penetration and removes the dead skin from the scalp.


Shampoos that use coconut milk also help to seal the moisture. Coconut oil is often used to provide nourishment to hair; an ingredient such as coconut helps strengthening and growing hair. Olive is awesome when it comes to penetrating the hair shaft, it is also a moisturizer and conditioner containing powerful antioxidants that help fight hair loss. Likewise sweet almond oil is an excellent emollient and softens dull and frizzy hair.


While searching shampoos for thick hair, look for the ingredients mentioned; they have the properties that can be very effective for the treatment of real thick hair that is dull, voluminous and frizzy.

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/16/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

In particular, I appreciate your explanations of how thick hair behaves and misbehaves and what cleaning agents, such as conditioners, shampoos and soaps, attempt to do and where the first two succeed and the third tries but flounders.

It's interesting that almond and coconut are so helpful since knowing how to make them into conditioners and shampoos doubles the healthy fun of knowing how to make them into milk (which I drink instead of moo-lk ;-D).

Particularly the hydrating shampoo looks persuasive even as all your products make sense as crowd-pleasing anniversary, birthday, holiday gifts.

Everything seems so hair- and scalp- and skin-friendly that I wonder, what would they be like as an alternative to soap?

WriterArtist on 07/05/2013

Dear Katie,
Though my hair wouldn't classify as curly, I do have wavy hair that gets entangled often. I am wary about the ingredients in the shampoo and choose them carefully. My favourites shampoo are those that are organic and use aloe vera ingredient.

katiem2 on 07/04/2013

Once again another of your articles perfect for me, I have very curly, very thick hair. Thank you for the great product review meeting my specific product heeds.

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