Trendy and Chic Steampunk Jewellery for Steampunk Apparel

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Contemporary clothing need not be elaborate and flimsy, you can achieve perfection with steampunk apparel once you have the basics right. Steampunk jewellery looks stunning.

Name it Victorian, Alchemic or Gothic, the retro-oriented steampunk fashion is here to stay. The 1990s fantasy brought a complete new culture and trend of gadgets and gears, the crazy steampunk apparel that is adorned with mechanical accessories and steampunk jewellery.

You will be surprised to find steampunk in every walk of life, people are talking about steampunk jewelry, clocks-artwork, totes, cufflinks and even furniture and decor.

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Steampunk Apparel

Steampunk Costume
Steampunk Costume

Origin of Steampunk Style

Originated from the 1980s fancy fiction, it has the flavours of Victorian era and residues from science fiction. It is the wave where cyberpunk meets the vintage trends and the technology meets the wizardry of yester years.

I love steampunk art, it is an embodiment of style, patterns from a whimsical era that was once upon a time alien to us. Much depends upon the imagination of an artist and the extra-terrestrial epitome of fantasy. Steampunk differs from traditions and yet represents a bygone era that mimics advancement in science but with steam engines, clockwork and gears.

Steampunk Jewellery for Your Wardrobe


From furniture to home décor centerpieces, you will find the steampunk style everywhere, the steam reminds of the good olden days of steam power. Steam was used to generate power that pulled the trains and vehicles. The ships used to undertake long voyages and explore unknown lands with steam developed technology, mechanical pulleys and friction.


The Victorian designer dresses have a tinge of steam power in them too, you might also find the medieval, renaissance, gothic and retro patterns thrown in the steampunk outfits too. If you ask me, sky is the limit – there is no dearth of limitations on the designer wear that can give rise to steampunk trends. All that goes into the mechanical industry goes to the steampunk style too.


Steampunk jewelry can easily pair with modern clothing. However; it looks heavenly if wore with proper attire. Cufflinks, ear-rings, necklaces and bracelets with gears and clocks just catch my attention. I love them because they are unique, the necklace pendants made of steam gadgets, copper gear and cast iron look awesome. The finish can be hand painted and comes in many shades such as sterling, silver gold and copper green.

Do you think Steampunk represents the patterns of Victorian era?

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Yes - the designs are analogous to Victorian patterns
Tolovaj on 05/15/2013

Victorian all the way!

Steampunk Jewelry on YouTube

Trendy Steampunk Fashion Trends

How do you define steampunk fashion?

Well, if you see a damsel or dandy dressed in high boots with laces and gears, goggle and monocle, dress that is creative but unusual, the pattern having a tinge of Victorian era and the fusion of technology, you might be witnessing the so called steampunk fashion. If you find it shoddy, it is your problem; the young generation loves it. The neo-Victorian designs are also finding fans in the grannies and grandpas.

Not long ago it was not heard of, today it is suddenly rising in popularity – a fusion of contemporary style with patterns of vintage era. Love the eclectic side of the steampunk; it is always an epitome of art and aesthetics.

Steampunk fashion trends are hard to define, there is no single definition to it. You can call them common or exotic. It can also be a medley of historical patterns, Victorian embroidery and patterns of 19th century usually amalgamated in contemporary fabric. The marriage of steampunk to the modern style of clothing can result in an unexpected beautiful collection of a wardrobe. For example pairing a modern white or cream T-shirt with a Victorian-steampunk skirt in maroon or burgundy shade with heavy embroidery of gears in the lace can create an authentic appearance.

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Do you like the steampunk jewellery designs?

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/11/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

In particular, I appreciate the way you convey what the integrated impression, the overall look is with the steampunk costume image under your subheading Steampunk Apparel.

In particular, I like Halloween-themed and Victorian fairy earrings as well as the cufflinks.

Your wizzley provides crowd-pleasing ideas for anniversary, birthday and holiday gifts.

Weren't there other wizzleys about steampunk furniture and room styles? I will look forward to revisiting them!

Mira on 10/29/2014

This is definitely an interesting style. I liked your comments about steampunk. You also chose a varied and inspired array of articles. Pinning them under both Steampunk and Jewelry.

WriterArtist on 06/01/2013

Dear Gardenbella,
It is alright to have a different taste, I love it because I find it unique.

Gardenbella on 05/28/2013

I find this type of fashion very fascinating although it isn't something Iprobably will be wearing!

WriterArtist on 05/22/2013

Yep the steampunk style is quite trendy and great for fashion conscious people.

katiem2 on 05/16/2013

WOW what a stunning collection of style and fashion. I love this steampunk jewelery collection and clothing style and look.

Tolovaj on 05/15/2013

There is a whole subculture forming around steampunk. Or shall I say steampunk IS a subculture? Anyway you are right - it is here to stay.

whitemoss on 05/15/2013

Nice to see you over here. I like some of this stuff- but not all!

fitzcharming on 05/15/2013

The style is growing on me. I haven't quite embraced it completely.

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