Sexy Pocahontas Halloween Costume for Women

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Beautiful Indians clad in sexy Pocahontas costumes remind the era when native Indians tribes used to swarm the fields riding on horses.

Halloween provides a window of opportunity to get dressed in these sexy Indian costumes.

Despite the gruesome and goriness that clouds Halloween, people continue enjoying the festival more than ever. Treading heavily in gorgeous costumes, dressed in wild hats, weird outfits are the highlights of this traditional celebration of “Walking dead”. Though Halloween is all about unleashing the gothic horror, individuals have found novel ways of celebrating this festival.

The creative drumming, colorful and traditional dancing dresses make the Native American Indian tribes unique. The old traditions and culture are still present in the pockets of America’s state where the culminating future generations of Indians reside. Striving to preserve the culture and heritage of Red Indians is a continuous process. Many native Indian Americans assemble in Hawaii from across the United States for their beautiful and traditional POW WOW.

Native American performers and dancers who love singing and dancing perform traditional dances including tail dances and gourd dances during Pow Wow. Perhaps you want to recreate the wonderful traditions and hospitality of Indians in the colorful outfits of Pocahontas, this Halloween.

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Sexy Pocahontas Costumes


With the glamorous native Indian themed, Pocahontas costume, discover the hidden trails of the jungle as the princess herself. With a triangular cut in the bottom and gold fringes, the design can take you right to the days of the little princess. Dress yourself in glittering yet soft fabric with plenty of Indian gold jewellery and turquoise beads shimmering all over. With this dress you are worthy of a real Powhatan princess.

Most of the native Indian outfits come in dark brown or light brown shades of suede fabric and fine velvet like leather with fringed hemming. Add on, such as a headband looks sexy and a moccasin helps to enhance the outfit. Accessories like the tomahawks, matching bands and feathers complete the princess costume making you look hot and sexy.

Stunning Indian Costume for Women

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Top Native American costumes for both girls and woman can look spectacular on the eve of Halloween. Not only are they gorgeous, they do stand apart because of the uniqueness.

Love to dress in Pocahontas Costume for Halloween?

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DerdriuMarriner on 10/13/2022

A Pocahontas costume is not scary!

Pocahontas Story

The authentic Pocahontas costumes with an additional twist for Halloween showcase genuine touch of American Indian customs and traditions from the culture that now exists in pockets of the American content around the globe. Sadly the majority of the misplaced tribes and heritage have lost their origin throughout the clashes of Europeans with the Indigenous people’s tribes.

In 1995, the outlet of Walt Disney’s animated cinema “Pocahontas” rekindled a long forgotten story of bravery and enthusiasm that reinvented the lifestyle of Indian historical figure - the Indian princess Pocahontas. This was a superbly crafted film that showed the life story of the princess who was a brave person instrumental in reinforcing her beliefs with conviction.

She was the most beloved daughter of a powerful and famous chief of Indians know as Powhatan. She was born around 1595, the time when the first Europeans showed on the estranged estates of Virginia. Her actual name was Matoaka, although she is better known as Pocahontas as she came to be known afterwards. The word literally means "Little Wanton," a playful, lighthearted, lively little girl.

Although there are many variations to the story of the princess, the truth is that she was in captivity during her youth and had to marry Rolfe in exchange of her freedom. When she was 17, the princess was deceitfully taken prisoner by the English while she was attending a social gathering. She was held hostage at Jamestown for almost a year. She died young; the descendants of Thomas Rolfe and Pocahontas were known as “Red Rolfes”.



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Do you find these lovely Pocahontas costumes right for Halloween?

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DerdriuMarriner on 10/13/2022

In particular, I appreciate the Pocahontas costumes as comfortable, non-scary outfits whose colors go well with fall colors. Perhaps some event in her life, such as her unrecorded birth month, coincides with Halloween dates even as I associate her --as appreciative and non-scary -- more with Thanksgiving.

Which outfit would you choose?

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