Native American Indian Costumes of Women, Teens and Small Girls for Halloween

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Top Native American costumes for both girls and woman can look spectacular on the eve of Halloween. Not only are they gorgeous, they do stand apart because of the uniqueness.

The Native American Indian costumes are one of my favourites for any fancy dress party, particularly Halloween. The choice from tribal girl Indian costumes consist of traditional women's costume, footwear called Moccasins, hair styles, headgear, Indian costume accessories, Native-Indian jewelry, native armor, the unique wedding costumes, garment decorations, face painting and body embellishment.

All these make the native-Indian costumes a unique costume for Halloween that deviates from others in totality due to the presence of Indian spirit elements.

Practical and affordable Native Indian Costumes are a feast for eyes; the natives clothed themselves in a huge array of styles that looked glorious and artistic. Several of the modern designs have orientation towards the culture and traditions of Native Red Indians.

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Native American Costumes
Native American Costumes
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About Native American Traditions


Absconding away from us are some of the great Native American Indian societies in these modern era of amalgamation of various cultures and traditions of older ethnic groups. Most of them remain lost in the ethnic war and alienation of these wonderful tribes of America who glow and display their presence once in a way.

Some of the effort goes in understanding and preserving in tune the traditions but most of them elope due to the changing dynamics of the continent and politics. However; there are many who would want to revive the hidden traditions and make them available to the younger generations of today.

Native Indian Prayer

Love this beautiful poem and thought it would be great to share.

May the Warm Winds of Heaven,

Blow softly upon your house.

May the Great Spirit,

Bless all who enter there.

May your Mocassins,

Make happy tracks in many snows,

And may the Rainbow Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing


Native Indian Costumes for Women and Girls


Native Indian outfits for women and girls are available in variety of designs and sizes. As there are many tribal groups, traditions and cultures associated with the native Indians, so are their dresses, they come in different shapes, and styles and can be the best Halloween costume ideas for this year. With the widespread usage of the internet, the Native Indian costumes are easily available in online stores due to the fact that Halloween is widely celebrated throughout the world and also due to the increasing popularity of native Indian culture and traditions.

The key to dressing up as an Indian is to have the perfect look of the Native Indian warrior or the common tribal, which goes without saying that the outfit should have matching accessories like moccasins or Indian shoes, native turquoise jewelry, a feathered Indian headdress and a painted face. This article showcases all the essential Indian accessories that are needed for the perfect Indian look. Over and above, you need all the accompanying accessories to ensure that your Native Indian costume is the most authentic and gorgeous as can be.

Cherokee Costumes and their Traditions


The Native Americans who were the original aborigines of the Appalachias are located in Cherokee Nations and United Keetowah Band of Cherokee Indians. The ancestors had faith in the saying that the planet earth was a huge island all surrounded by ocean which is in one way true – the major part of earth is surrounded by at least one third of the total water.

The Cherokee worship the Great Spirit which they call Unetlanvhi or "the Apportioner,” he is the ultimate and supreme power that has brought changes and created the earth. This Great Spirit is the Almighty who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Dressing into amazing Cherokee costumes also brings into the feelings of closeness towards Nature and respecting the Spirit.

Native Indian American dresses are easily available.

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Indian Warrior Costumes and Their Beliefs


There are various Native American tribes who have retained their cultures, beliefs and many myths. Legends and mythologies reflect their objects of worships, deities and the customs they followed throughout the history. Many sacred narratives and spiritual anecdotes remind us of their glorious past and the stories that dwelled in the rich lap of nature.

They embraced the symbols and respected the power of seasons, weathers, elements of earth, sky and fire. Their tales are rich with the mention of plants and animals that inhabited the earth. If you learn about their traditions, you will enjoy wearing the warrior costumes more.

Native Indian American Traditions from YouTube

Beautiful Indians clad in sexy Pocahontas costumes remind the era when native Indians tribes used to swarm the fields riding on horses.
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Mira on 10/17/2014

What an array of costumes based on Native American wear! Pinning some of them onto my Halloween board.

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