Hiring a Snow Plow Service or Buying a Snow Blower

by lakeerieartists

Every fall, my husband and I have the same conversation. Should we hire a company to plow our driveway this year or should we buy a snow blower?

Should I Hire Someone to Do What I Could Do?

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Every fall, my husband and I have the same conversation.  Should we hire a company to plow our driveway this year or should we buy a snow blower?

I am always on the side of hiring a company to plow our driveway.  We live in Cleveland, Ohio and we get a lot of snow every year.  It may come all at once, or be spread out throughout the winter season, but in Cleveland winter lasts about 3 to 3 1/2 months, so snow is serious business.

The reason I always argue for the snow plow is because when we were only married about 1 year, my husband insisted that he could shovel the driveway himself, and I was pregnant at the time, so I really couldn't help.  Of course, the one weekend we got a huge storm, he was not in town, so I ended up having to hire a plow for a one time push.  The plow services always charge a lot for a special job like that because they know you can't get out of your driveway, and I needed to get to work.

Now that we have been living in the same house for 20 years, we still have the discussion because frankly, I don't think either of us is fit enough to shovel our entire driveway every day, and many times more than one time a day.

What About an Electric or Gas Powered Snow Blower

Our driveway is actually short enough to clear with a snow blower.  However, I really think that my husband secretly has no desire to blow the snow out himself.  He just thinks that he should argue with me, so that it is my fault we hire a snow plow.

The way things usually go is that the big snows come down during the most inconvenient times: overnight, right before work, or right as we need to come home from work.  We are so busy that I am not sure when he thinks that we would get the snow blowing done.

Both of us work full time, and even if I wanted to use a snow blower (and I don't because I am allergic to cold), a snow plow gets the job down so much more quickly.  We still have to shovel out the end of our driveway, the walkways, and stairs, because they get plowed in either by our plow service or the city's plows.

Are We Saving Money By Hiring a Snow Plow?

It is a toss up whether we are saving money by hiring a snow plow.  While we may be paying more for the plowing service, we are definitely saving on medical bills, and Motrin.

I think that hiring a snow plow is the right decision for us.  My husband?  I am still not sure what he thinks.

Updated: 12/19/2011, lakeerieartists
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Winter on 01/10/2012

Snowblower vs snow plow service. I have a 30 ft X 90 ft driveway and 2, 26 ft walkways to deal with, I use a snowblower. 1 because I can cut the snow and make everything look nice. Snowplow make a mess and they are not careful, they damage the driveway. If you buy 1 of the better snowblowers (Ariens, toro and honda) they will pay for them self in the long run. I find when I am strapped for time I just take a few passes, enough to get the car out. Then return at doing a better job when the weekends arrive. My Snowblower has paid for itself in 2 seasons.

dustytoes on 12/20/2011

I looked into getting a small snow blower since my new driveway is not very long. I also thought that my son and I could just shovel it. But who wants to shovel 2 feet of snow? - which is what we got dumped on us the end of October this year - and a blower would have had a hard time with that too. Get the plow service and they will sand too if it becomes icy. I agree with you Paula, it's not worth the medical bills that shoveling could bring on!

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