Homeschool Kids Matter Too

by CReavis

This article is about stopping the stigma that surrounds homeschooling. People seem to think homeschool parents are lazy and unqualified! That homescool kids are all unsocialized.

Homeschooling is growing in popularity and as it does there appears to be more and more ridicule and speculation about homeschoolers. A lot o people seem to think homeschool parents are lazy and allow their kids to just sit around all day, they aren't qualified unless they have a degree. All homeschool kids are weird and awkward, they can't make friends, the list goes on and on and most of it is negative. I am here to tell you this is just not true and that when it is said in front of a child it hurts them. Those words make them feel less than, make them feel unimportant, that public school kids are better. They feel like they don't matter. That is a lie homeschool kids matter too!

Homeschooling is hard work


Homeschooling truly is hard work! Many parents spend hours researching curriculums, looking up state laws, filling out necessary paper work needed to homeschool. After all that is done they must then buy all the supplies and get them organized, this includes buying curriculum they have chosen. Planning begins after that and that can take hours as well. Does any of that sound familiar? Could it be exactly what a public school teacher does? Homeschooling parents work hard and that is before they even began to teach! We really are no different from a public school teacher. Why is it then that many people tend to believe homeschooling is easy or homeschool parents are lazy? I am not sure what the answer is but I can tell you we are anything but lazy.


 We do everything above and so much more. There are jobs outside the home, sports practice and games to get to, dance class, doctor appointments, cleaning, grocery shopping and the other day to day things. Being a homeschool parent is one of the hardest jobs because you willingly take on a ton of added responsibility. Most homeschool parents don't complain however because it is worth all the work and stress. This is one stigma that homeschooling parents all agree is annoying and insulting. We are hardworking, tax paying, humans beings like the rest of the population on earth and yet we get called lazy and ridiculed for our choice to homeschool! All we want is the same freedom everyone has, the right to make choose what is best for our families without judgement. Yet, we are judged every day for keeping our kids home. Maybe one day the judging will stop, it is my hope this article will help make that sooner rather then later.

Homeschooling kids are often looked at as weird or unsocialized this couldn't be further from the truth! Many homeschool kids join sports teams, dance, art classes, co-ops, book clubs, they have jobs and friends. When these kids hear they words it hurts, It hurts when they are looked down upon, when they are excluded from being able to get free school supplies offered at churches and other organizations because they aren't in "school". Why do public school kids get feel feel included and important but not homeschool kids. Now, this is not a rant about public schools or people we utilize public schools, I have nothing against public schools its just that its sad that homeschoolers don;t seem to matter because they aren't in public school.. They are often made to feel as if they don't count, don't matter. These kids matter just an any other kid does! They count! They are important! They have the same, feelings, needs, wants as other kids


I want to stop the misconceptions about homeschooling and homeschoolers. I want people to see the truth about homeschooling that it is school and that it is hard work. I want them ot understand how the sideways comments and remarks make these families and more importantly how it makes the kids feel. Before saying something about homeschooling and homeschoolers try to know aobut the subhect better please! Always remember homeschool kids matter too!

Updated: 07/24/2016, CReavis
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CReavis on 08/05/2016

blackapanielgallery, thanks for the comment! I am so glad that someone talked about how homeschool kids do better! I have seen so many times in my exprience as a homeschool mom where we are looked down upon. People seem to assume homeschool parents are lazy and just keep the kids home doing nothing. Homeschool kids are weird and not socialized. It is great to hear something positive!

blackspanielgallery on 08/05/2016

Actually, as a college professor I find homeschooled students do much better. They must pass tests, not be given social promotions like many schools do. I once heard a student complain to another professor about her grade since she came every day, and in high school that meant at least a C.

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