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This article is about free online homeschool curriculum. Where to find them and what each of them offer. If I have used any of them I will include a review for that curriculum.

Homeschooling curriculum can be expensive but not if you know where to look. There are quite a few free curriculum choices. They can save a homeschool parent time and money. Usually they are complete, meaning that all core subjects are included. Many of them wil have art, music, foreign language and Bible. You can use what you want and skip the rest. They are easy to use and can make homeschooling so much easier.

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The first curriculum we will look at is Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

 Easy Peasy can be used for pre-k-12th grade. It includes math, language arts, English, history, art, foreign language, PE, music, Bible, computer, science and reading. It is done completely online, although you will have to order some of the reading books. Videos and games are implemented a lot in the lower grades. From what I could tell from the short time I used it with my son, the majority of math is games. The site can be confusing for some so I would suggest ready the how to use guide.

 You will have a daily log to keep track of your days, all you have to do is print it out. Everyday your student will have math and reading. Oneother subject will be added on everyday  . As I said above it is mostly games, at least for the lower grades. I haven't used it for high school but I am sure they don't use games. They will also have a video to watch about math, usually a song. They will have book to read and a poems to read and write for reading. Writing in the lower grades consist of copy work, usually poems. They will learn typing on the computer and have thinking. Thinking for third grade was learning how to play chess. I am using third grade as an example because that is the grade I used with my son. All examples will be from the third grade curriculum from this point.  They are going to go to chess school, lessons on how to play chess.


 Spelling for third is something called Bible based spelling. It uses the Bible to teach spelling in they learn short. vowel sound etc.. You can choose to skip Bible but if you use the Old Testament is taught first. Language arts consist of handwriting and writing. Again mostly using poems. History covers ancient history, science for third covers biology. Music is ancient, and for PE just follow the directions given on the site. Spanish, French are offered and she list two websites with a variety of languages offered.  My son felt that Easy Peasy was just that easy. He was quickly bored and I could see why. It felt like we were doing 2nd or even 1st grade work in 3rd We moved on quickly form Easy Peasy and have never used it again. I would suggest trying it out for yourself as everyone is different and you and you child may like it. Head over there using this link

 Let's move on to the next one, Ambleside Online. This curriculum is designed after the Charlotte Mason Method. Charlotte Mason was an educator at the turn of the twentieth century. I will add a link so that you can read about her yourself to better understand what she was about Ambleside Online, will be referred to as AO for the rest of this literature intensive. It is based on the living books idea. Living books are "real" books not textbooks. They don't just give you dry facts to memorize. Instead they engage you and get you really thinking. Most of the required books for AO are free online. AO includes math, science, history, geography, literature, language arts, Bible, foreign language, art study, music, poetry and citizenship.

 It is broken down into 36 weeks blocks and you will alternate books usually in almost each subject. Charlotte Mason believed in quality not quantity. They include a complete list of books and a printable calendar to help you keep up with it all Your student will narrate orally and written, study composers, poetry, artist, learn about folk songs. AO is not you run of the mill curriculum Many people find it difficult to navigate the site. Make sure to really look around and get to know the site before you start using the curriculum A lot of people find the curriculum to understand as well.

 I would only suggest that you use this curriculum if you and your child like to read and be challenged. My son found it to be boring and like Easy Peasy we cut the relationship short and moved on. AO includes books written by Charlotte Mason herself, it is important to read them. Here is the link to the AO website

We are going to highlight only one more of the many free curriculums available The last one is Discovery k12. Don't get this mixed up with the public school k12 option, this one is a homeschool curriculum. It offers reading, literature, language arts, math, history, science,visual and performing arts, PE. Every day the student will push a button that says here and it goes into their attendance record They will do a book report, write an essay, do math, watch videos for both history and science. For history they will research the subject more by using the research center Science they are suppose to again do more research, discuss what they learned with their teacher and write down facts.. They watch a video for visual arts and log exercises they did for PE. A weekly spelling word list is there as well, They study the words just like in PS.


This curriculum seems just like Easy Peasy to me, the only difference really is that it does not include Bible. It looked like it would be super easy to navigate and use. If you would like to see it for yourself here is the link



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