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by CHalloran

Get ready to see one of the most amazing rock formations of all times. This place is a work of art from heavenly hands.

Have you been to Horseshoe Bend / Canyon?

Horshoe Bend Wiki

Horseshoe Bend is the name for a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River located near the town of Page, Arizona, in the United States. The bend is locally known as "King Bend." It is located five miles downstream from the Glen ...

A Beauty to Die For

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is one of the most amazing national parks in United States. Its beauty has been fascinating the tourists from all over the world for years. Turquoise green river curling around the red rocks makes everyone feel like they are on a different planet. This is a great place for nature lovers who love camping  and hiking.

The bend hides itself from view until you approach the very edge of the rim, and reveals its beauty hidden nearly 1000 feet below the ground level. If you are anywhere near Lake Powell, AZ; you should definitely take the extra time to visit this place. It is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation area.

Some of the pictures you see below are taken using the fisheye lens, which is a recommendation from photographers who visited the area. Of course, if you don't have a camera or a budget for a professional lens, your regular digital camera will still give you very good pictures.

Sunrise and sunset are especially breathtaking at this location as the light joyfully plays with the red rocks and Colorado River, bringing out the earthy colors even more.

If you have a canoe, or if you like boat rides, you can enjoy this place from a different perspective and experience the priviledge of being on Colorado River.




The bend is called "King Bend" by the locals.

It is about 4200 feet above sea level.

Colorado River is 3200 feet above sea level.

This makes the canyon 1000 feet deep.

There is another place called Horseshoe Bend in Alabama.


Did you know that 7 States ( Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Arizona and Nevada) in the US and also Mexico share the water of Colorado River? That makes over 25 million people.

About more than a 100 million years ago, the American Southwest was part of an interior seaway. The river back then was not running across what we call today the Colorado Plateau and to the Gulf of California. The rock formations were very different back then and the high mountains around Wyoming were not yet fully formed. The river was running across North East, towards Platte River. With the raise of the mountains up north and separate ground changes happening independently in Southwest, the northern and southern parts of the river were forming independently. It became one big river over time, the Colorado River as we know it today.

Updated: 06/05/2011, CHalloran
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terrilorah on 03/11/2012

I think the photos are just fascinating. I'll have to put this on my bucket list.

tandemonimom on 07/08/2011

I've been to the Grand Canyon a couple of times, but never to Horseshoe Bend. I'll have to make that a stop sometime soon!

sheilamarie on 06/18/2011

Sounds absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see it! Maybe someday I'll wander south.

puerdycat on 06/13/2011

I love geology field trips!

Ramkitten on 06/05/2011

You know, I've lived in Flagstaff, 2 hours south of Page/Lake Powell, for seven years, been to Page a number of times and the Grand Canyon many, many times, but I've never walked over to the Horseshoe Bend overlook. I definitely need to change that!

WebWriter on 06/05/2011

Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.

pkmcr on 06/04/2011

Those are wonderful images and it's great to see you here at Wizzley! I look forward to seeing more of what you create here having seen what you have done at other places :-)

TerriRexson on 06/04/2011

Oh wow gorgeous. Just the sort of poster I'd like to look at regularly when I'm stuck indoors!

Guest on 06/03/2011

Horeshoe Bend is stunning. My father live in AZ, and we toured all over the state (and New Mexico) for 5 weeks a few years back, but I don't remember ever hearing of Horseshoe Bend. There is always next visit. Thanks for this.

Michey on 06/03/2011

You have beautiful pictures in those posters, it is a great place to visit indeed.
Thanks for sharing.

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