How I Use Viglink in My Wizzles

by Digby_Adams

If you've been wondering how to use Viglink, here's a few ideas. Including links to Wizzles using Viglink

I really look up to Jo Harrington and when she asked if I had written a Wizzle on how to use Viglink, I was quite honored. Her Tips and Tricks series have been very helpful and inspirational to me, so I thought that I would take a stab at writing a Wizzle that describes how I use Viglink. I apologize ahead of time, if my right-brained mind takes a left turn that makes no sense. Just ask questions at the end and I'll try to find my way back to the point I was trying to make.

Why I Prefer Viglink to Individual Affiliate Programs

There are 35,000 merchants on Viglink to promote!

Amazon and eBay are probably the best known affiliate programs. Many people who begin writing online at HubPages, Wizzley or  Squidoo (RIP) don't realize that there are tens of thousands of affiliate programs to belong to. These programs don't monitor their own programs the way that Amazon and eBay do. Instead they are part of networks that track the links and earnings and then pay people. There are several large networks that handle most of these. They are Linkshare, Shareasale, Commission Junction, Affiliate Future and eBay Partner Network (don't confuse this with the eBay affiliate program). 

Each of these networks has their own minimum payout. Usually it's $50 a month. So if you're using three or four merchants from each network, it can be hard to make payout each month. Viglink has merchants from all of these programs and no minimum payout. So it's much easier to get paid each month.

You also don't have to go through the approval process for most of the merchants on Viglink. There are a few exceptions, but they are mostly the larger merchants and it's obvious in the listings.

My First Wizzle Using Viglinks

Angelina's Restaurant Legendary Maryland Crab Cakes and Recipe

I've been using Viglinks since it became available. My first wizzle to use them was "Angelina's Restaurant Legendary Maryland Crab Cakes and Recipe." When I first wrote the Wizzle we didn't have Viglinks yet. I was just hoping from some Adsense revenue for the keyword phrase "Maryland crab cakes."

After I signed up for Viglinks I was browsing through the merchant list looking for some merchants to promote, I saw Remembering I had the Angelina Wizzle, I thought I might add a link or two. Well when I visited the site, I almost passed out with delight when I noticed that it wasn't just any crab cake, it was Angelina's crab cakes. I admit that I ordered some immediately and still order them. (They are on the menu for New Year's Eve.)


If you aren't using Viglinks, because you aren't sure how to make links, it's very easy. Download the picture from the merchant's website. That's where that mouthwatering crab cake you see comes from. Then upload it in a text module using the "Insert/Edit Image icon. Add your text around it. To create a text link just go to the webpage and copy the url. The use the "Insert/Edit Link icon.

Viglink will convert this link into an affiliate link using it's magical powers.

My Second Wizzle with Viglink - This Time It Was Intentional

Selling Hale Groves Honeybells

I am a Foodie and I love talking about locally-sourced food and agricultural products. You can see the change from the first to the second Wizzle. I chose the title What are Honeybells, because the Google Keyword Tool told me that's what people were searching for. I hoped that once they knew what they are, they might want to buy some. 

I created a link to the Hale Groves website in the Introductory Paragraph. I then created four links to their honeybell products. Quite frankly, if you've seen one honeybell, you've seen them all. So I saw no reason to show four honey bell pictures. Instead I jazzed up those links with a YouTube video taken at Hale Groves and a picture of the truck they use to pack honeybells in. 

Look further down on the right and I took a stab at using a text box to create my own banner. Again all of the links you see are simple text links to the Hale Groves website. Viglink will convert them to affiliate links. 

I am a member of the Hale Groves affiliate program at Shareasale. I don't use my own affiliate links here, because I think it's a good citizenship thing to do. When it's on Wizzley's impression, they can share in the revenues through Viglink as well.

I am Always Playing with Formats

Spicing up my food with Pesto

CyberCucina is one of my favorite affiliate programs and I was so happy when I could incorporate their products into a Wizzley. I have many of their jars in my pantry and often give them as gifts. My Gourmet Pesto Sauce Wizzle probably looks the most like many of the Amazon sales pages that I see here.

Note that I broke it up with two gray capsules at the beginning, to make it look like a banner. After products below, I did the same thing with a less salesy YouTube video pitch. But do you notice the text link leading to CyberCucina? I also linked to some of my kitchen appliance pages in the text. 

Finding Viglink Merchants

I think this is the exciting part and there is no right way to do this. Often I am reading a magazine or watching a home shopping channel and I get excited about a particular product. I try and see if I can find that product or find similar products to sell. 

Other times I just pick a category in the Viglink listing and browse it. I have started using the Google Keyword Tool a little more than I used to. This is just to see if there is any market interest at all. Quite frankly I make keyword lists and then I lose them or rumple them in a ball for the cat to play with. 

Meet the Guy that Started Viglink

Learn Affiliate Marketing on Wizzley

No other revenue sharing site has as many different ways to make money as Wizzley. People who have lost Amazon, because of the affiliate nexus laws can do well here. People who have lost their Adsense accounts can do well here, because of the Chitika option.

Beyond that there is a real chance to cut your teeth in affiliate marketing. You can pick from all of the major affiliate programs and try to sell stuff. You can write about almost any topic and find a few things that relate to it. 

So just jump in and give it a try. It's no different than inserting an Amazon capsule. 

Updated: 11/09/2014, Digby_Adams
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Guest on 07/15/2017

This sounds great but may take reading it several times for this Grannie! Thanks for sharing your smarts with us!

Digby_Adams on 09/24/2015


blackspanielgallery on 09/23/2015

To link to the merchant do I use copy image URL from the merchant's site?

Digby_Adams on 09/23/2015

You do have to link the image back to the merchant, but that's about it. Viglink makes it a link. You do have to wait for the return period to end to be paid. Some merchants have 60 days, especially at the holidays. It's pretty easy to use viglinks.

blackspanielgallery on 09/22/2015

Am I missing something, or do I just have to upload an image from a Viglink merchant and it is an automatic link? And, I am reading payouts are immediate, but many merchants have a 30 day return policy. Is the immediate payout after the waiting period? Otherwise it makes no sense for Viglinks. I have added a few Ebay links through Viglinks and have a desire to increase my use thereof. Thanks.

Digby_Adams on 07/07/2015

I really use Viglinks for eBay. Occasionally I use others as well. Lots erchants seem to come and go and I'm tired of checking my links all the time.

blackspanielgallery on 07/07/2015

Thanks. I have been reading VigLinks and Amazon does not always work. If I can work around it for Amazon, then I definitely need it.

Digby_Adams on 07/07/2015

I just put my Amazon id in the space provided in the settings. Viglink wont overwrite affiliate links. I do this with Zazzle too.

blackspanielgallery on 07/07/2015

I am abut to join but have one problem. I do not want to convert my Amazon sales. How can I opt out of automatically using VigLinks overwriting Amazon? I am afraid to add Viglinks until I resolve this issue.

Digby_Adams on 05/12/2015

I am so glad that it's helpful. Viglink is one of the best things about Wizzley.

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