How not to convert Youtube to MP3?

by MuminBusiness

Sometimes, you want a Youtube video available offline and in MP3 format. Here's how not to do it and also an easy program you can use.

All I want is to download Youtube

Why is it so hard?

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube and then thought  that you would not mind keeping that to watch later or to show it to some friend or the other.  However, you soon realise that downloading it from Youtube is just plain difficult, if not impossible.  (Actually, I never found a way to do it.)

I found myself in this situation when I wanted to send a video to someone else but as we all know, videos are usually too big to send via email so my techie hubby said send it via Youtube.  I did this but then the person on the other side could watch it on the site but just could not get  it so he could watch it or listen to it offline and that was the whole point of sending him the video.  There was just no way to download it.  Aargh! 

So the quest began for a Youtube to MP3 Converter.

Youtube to MP3

MP3 is a really light form of audio that does not take up that much memory on any device that you choose to store it on. This is the attraction. It does not eat up memory and it manages usually to maintain the quality of the recording. The hint here is to get the best quality recording you can find so that the quality returned on conversion is also great.

When I started to try to figure out how to convert Youtube Vids, all I really wanted was to get them off the internet and available anywhere offline, especially ones that I had created. However on discovering this converter, I suddenly realised that I could actually just extract the audio from the video and have that on my cellphone or MP3 Player.

I was amazed.

Youtube to MP3 Conversion

Youtube has the greatest collection of user-created videos and frankly, all kinds of things are available on there.  I have found foreign films, inspiring speeches, news bulletins, songs and their lyrics and more.  For some of these things, I like having the option of listening to the audio bit while driving or exercising.  Before the discovery of this converter, I would just try to connect up my cell to the car radio and ignore the video while listening to the sometimes (practically always) stuttering sound.

That is definitely not the way to do it.

Now, I convert Youtube videos to MP3 and listen to whatever I like without it having to stop every so often to buffer.

I love it!

How not to convert Youtube to Mp3

  1. Believe all the hype on the Internet and waste a lot of time believing you will get good quality conversion for free.
  2. Use a program that takes ages to convert one youtube video when you could have converted a few in that time
  3. Spend a lot of time downloading a video only then to discover it is in a format you cannot use so all that time has been wasted and you still have nothing to show for it.

Yes, I did all this and had nothing to show for it except frustration.

Then I discovered how to properly convert videos in Youtube to MP3 format as well as the avi, mov,mp4,wav, and other formats.  This software which is available online is really great and has really helped me accomplish what I wanted.

So come on and learn exactly how to convert your Youtube videos right here.

Updated: 01/22/2012, MuminBusiness
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