How to Avoid or Overcome The Fear of Surgery

by katiem2

Surgery is an amazing tool preventing many life threatening events from derailing your life. Learn to end your fear of surgery and conquer optimal health. Avoid fear of surgery

There are two types of people, those who are more than willing to have surgery eliminating any possible threat and those who'd like to avoid surgery at all cost. This presents a big problem for those who'd like to avoid surgery period. Why, because most everyone at one time or another will need surgery. The need for surgery can come from out of the blue as you fall ill to a life threatening illness or disease. The types of situations that occur could be as simple as a procedure relieving you of severe pain and suffering, greatly improving your quality of life. Regardless of your circumstances, today we review how to avoid the fear and the many reasons you should not fear surgery.

The Nurses, Anesthesiologist, and Surgeon

The surgical staff is an amazing team who've perfected the art surgery.

The most effective way for most to avoid the fear and stress of surgery is to leave the details to their doctor. You no doubt like and trust your doctor so you can rest easy and leave it to them to pick a surgeon for you. This allows you to keep your mind off the stress inducing details and research. Anytime you face surgery you're in good hands.

The surgical staff caring for you knows how to get you through this process as easily as possible. They've perfected the procedures and care for any and every kind of operation. They do this all the time, day in and out. They know what they’re doing having a great deal of confidence in their work.

People who get into such a profession as; nurses, anesthesiologist, doctors and surgeons are compassionate and caring people. In fact you might feel a bit pampered as they go about caring for you before and after surgery. Your job is to relax and take advantage of the down time clear your mind thinking of the positive plans for your future.

The Surgical Staff

The hospital staff is equipped to deal with anything surgery is what they do and they are good at it.

The nurses, anesthesiologist and surgeons are people too; thank them in advance for taking good care of you. Show your gratitude for all the little gestures they do as this goes a very long way and gets you even more great care and consideration. If you want to know something ask, if you're a bit scared tell them. If you don't want to know anything tell them that as well. It helps them to help you by understanding what your concerns are and the type of person you are. The medial staff deals with such a diverse number of unique individuals it helps them to know more about you.

Blocking Surgery From Your Mind

The fear of surgery is all in your head, the exact place to relieve your fear of surgery once and for all.

Don't Think About It!

  • Your best defense is not to over think the surgical procedure you're about to have. In fact you can choose not to think about it at all.
  • The mind is a powerful tool.  You can block it from your mind thinking of anything else but the surgery. 
  • The majority of people who fear surgery do best concentrating on anything other than surgery. It could be positive peaceful thoughts, music or a good book.  Focus on anything non related keeping their minds occupied with other thoughts.  

Skip The Surgical Details

Let your doctor, surgeon and nurses know you prefer not knowing the details.

Don't think about the time it begins or what's going to happen in the operating room. It really is much easier than people think. Before you know it you wake up often finding it hard to believe it's all over. You don't feel a thing and it seems as if nothing happened. It feels as if only mere seconds passed. You make it through and now all you need to focus on is the healing. Surgery really is much easier than you imagine so don't imagine it.

Vital Note: Don't Google the surgical procedure you're scheduled to have. Do not watch YouTube videos of any surgery documentaries. This will only increase fear besides the most outrageous cases are often posted on such sites for sensationalism. 

How to Approach Surgery

The best way to approach your surgery is to go into it as if it's no big deal, making light of it helps to ease your mind, it really works.

To Be Alone or With People

  • You might need to be alone or with people this is your choice.
  • Often times the presence of others makes you focus more on the upcoming event more with the constant attempts to comfort you.
  • You might want to have the company of your most positive friends or relatives with you who will easily keep your mind on idle chit chat.
  • Its best to get through it without making a big deal of it.

Emergency Surgery

The reality of emergency surgery happens and yet it is nothing to panic about.

I've personally had three emergency surgeries. I found it best to think about anything but the surgery.  Once it was over and I knew I had made it okay I dealt with the recovery.  For some of us, it's best to put the thought out of our mind and relax. Once you're put to sleep you have no pain, no knowledge and it'll be over before you know it. I was amazed how easy surgery actually was after my first, it was an emergency appendectomy. My appendix burst so I couldn’t have the scope procedure. I hear of many who do it effortlessly by way of endoscopic procedures. This was not an option for me but it wasn't that bad either.  The 2 1/2 inch scar I have is barely notable. It was an easy recovery and something I’ve forgotten.

Major Surgery

Many injured in car accident or the like are faced with having major emergency surgery.

My second surgery was major, leading to a third surgery.  I was in an accident landing me in a trauma unit with the need for back surgery. Yes the dreaded surgery so many people talk about and swear they'd never allow any doctor to do. I was in shock when told I was in need of spinal surgery, in fact horrified! I asked if I could opt out and was told that was not an option. The surgeon then proceeded to tell me, with confidence, what he would be doing. He was very proud of his work, another good thing.

Blocking Surgery From Your Mind

I tuned him out as he talked, went to another place all the while repeating in my mind, this is a minor procedure, this is a minor procedure. This was my coping mechanism, I told the team of surgeons later I was imagining this to be a simple procedure; my surgeon began telling me, "no this is a major procedure." I stopped him and said, "No this is a minor procedure, tell be more after I recover from surgery." winked and smiled at him, he smiled back and that's the way it went, everyone followed my cue. The fact is when you must have surgery the only alternative is to get past it any way that works for you. For me it was complete denial and it worked. 

The Reality of Surgery

The fact of the matter is anyone of us at any given time may have no choice other than to have surgery.

When this happens it's best to think about whatever you need to clear your head of anything that stresses you out. The surgery is inevitable and so the best thing for you to do is remain calm and let the professionals do their job. Anytime you imagine or think about having surgery it’s far worse than the reality. Today’s modern technology makes surgery easier than ever before.

Updated: 12/06/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner , Interesting my brother just had a simple gallbladder surgery and he was worried beyond reason. I go into a meditative state imaging all things go welll, I just can't thing about the going under part...

DerdriuMarriner on 05/22/2017

katiem2, Have you tried meditation on the order of the "wishes fulfilled" product line mentioned above? Even though I like the conscious choices and observations through a meditation practice, it seems to me that subliminal systems really could be helpful when denial, like with your major surgery, is the way to get through not so minor operations.

katiem2 on 01/02/2013

Pam, I was just like you, I honestly thought I would never need surgery as I was the picture of health and fitness, you just don't know.

Pam on 12/22/2012

I tend to believe I will never need surgery, denial I guess. but after reading this it's amazing how you had to have three emergency surgeries within a two year period. WOW I do hope your well on the way to total healing. Great website!

katiem2 on 12/07/2012

2uesday, Having close friends and family around is very important to many,. A good reason to share the news of your upcoming surgery. :)

katiem2 on 12/07/2012

Paul, There is nothing to worry about if you ever find you need surgery, It really is amazing how effortlessly they do it. Do remember this article and review it if you need surgery. :)

katiem2 on 12/07/2012

Arlene, That is hard, far to early. I can't imagine, glad that surgery is behind you. Good to hear from you. :)

teddletonmr on 12/07/2012

I like your advice. I'm the analytical type who tends to find out as much as i can about any illness or disease me or my loved ones encounter. You're so right it makes me more anxious as I learn probably far more than I need. I've never considered this approach but now having read this can see the benefit in it. Glad you made it through both or was it three surgeries.

Paul on 12/06/2012

I've yet to have surgery and it's definitely something I'm worried about, I'll have to remember to re-read this should the time arise!

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