4 Plumbing fixtures to inspect before it’s too late

by RobertKeith

Some excellent proactive tips to save you from plumbing disasters.

Calling an emergency plumber is about as enjoyable as sitting in a dentist’s chair. But when the emergency happens, you have no choice but to bite the bullet and pay the premium price for someone to come and fix that blocked drain or burst water pipe. Though if you know what you are looking for, you can take some proactive steps in reducing the chances for plumbing disasters happening to your home.

Know how to turn the water off

It might not be a tip to eliminate disaster from happening, but knowing where the main water switch is located and how to turn it off can save you from flooding the whole house when an accident first happens.

Inspect the water service under your kitchen sink and vanities

Sam the Plumber, a local Brisbane Plumber states that every week he gets called out to houses to repair burst water hoses under vanities. The problem occurs when non-plumbers install these braided hoses themselves, neglecting to install them with an isolation tap. With time, the pressure will burst a hole in these hoses, resulting in water flooding out of your cupboard under your sink or vanity. Sam recommends to regularly check for wear and tear, and ultimately advices to replace the braided hose with a copper pipe that will outlast the life of your building.

Corroded Water Hoses
Corroded Water Hoses

In the above image, you can clearly see corrosion and rust on the braided hose, which is a clear warning sign. If your hose was installed by a handyman rather than a plumber, it is highly recommended to get it changed by a plumber immediately.

Inspect your overflow relief gully

Located on the outside of your building is an overflow relief gully. In the event of a blocked drain, the grate will overflow with sewerage, preventing it from flooding your own home. Beware of the location of this fixture and ensure that it is not blocked by dirt or vegetation to avoid sewerage flooding your home in case of a blocked drain. The top of the grate should be 150mm below the lowest plumbing fixture.

Overflow Relief Gully
Overflow Relief Gully

Frog flaps

Inspecting the frog flaps on your dry floor wastes might not be important for plumbing emergencies, but if you do not enjoy getting cockroaches and other bugs crawling through your plumbing and into your home, it is highly advisable to do. The pipes should normally be covered with frog flaps that let water escape from overflowing bathrooms and laundries, but prevents vermin coming in. If these frog flaps are damaged or removed, cockroaches get a free entry point to roam free inside your home.

Uncovered floor waste & cockroach door
Uncovered floor waste & cockroach door
Updated: 08/22/2014, RobertKeith
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DuggieBrown on 06/03/2015

Never even heard of frog flaps in my life, but it makes total sense to have those installed to prevent the vermin from getting in. We have been experiencing trouble with our plumbing as of late, and this is the first thing I am going to do this weekend! Sounds like I can do that myself, but there are other things I'll have to get professional advice on.

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