How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Hair

by katiem2

This is the time of year when static electricity can have hair standing on ends. There are simple ways to eliminate static electricity from making your hair stand on end.

The first thing to know is why static electricity occurs. At certain times of the year the air becomes dry having low humidity. The drop in humidity causes hair to dry out more making it prone to static.

A good way to prevent static is to maintain the moisture in your home by using a humidifier and make sure to use a fabric softener or anti static product in your laundry. The static occurring in clothes transfers to your hair.

This will cut down on static from clothing, sheets and pillow cases or any other fabric you come in contact with. If you put something on that's loaded with static electricity, spray it with static guard to eliminate the problem.

Fabric Softener Cure Static Electricity

Fabric softener sheets is a quick and simple way to eliminate static electricity from standing your hair on ends.

Simply take a fabric softener sheet into your hand and wipe it along the length of your hair. You should notice an immediate end to the problems. This also makes your hair smell better.

Plus, you can also take the same fabric softener sheet and place it over a bristle brush allow the bristles to break though the sheet. Then simply run the brush through the hair while leaving the dryer sheet in the brush. 

What Causes Static Electricity in Hair?

Do Clothes Cause Static Electricity in Hair?

 The problem may also be due to the clothes you wear as some fabric create static electricity.

Polyester fabric is notorious for causing static electricity in hair. If you have a problem with static electricity in your hair check the clothes you are wearing.

Again if you don't use a good fabric softener or dyer sheet any clothes can cause static electricity.

Sweaters are also another prime candidate for causing static electricity in hair.

If you store your sweaters away in the spring and summer toss a few fabric softening sheets in the storage container to keep your sweaters both fresh and free of static.

To eliminate static electricity in your clothes, and avoid it getting in your hair, spray clothes with static electricity.

There are times during certain weather conditions that it is impossible to eliminate static electricity by just using a fabric softener. 

It is during these events that you will need to use static guard in addition to fabric softeners to eliminate the frizzies. 

The products to your right all work to combat static electricity in hair which causes frizzy, fly away hair.

Hair Products Causing Static

Some hair care products cause static electricity to plague hair.

If you get static electricity in your hair after washing and or styling, odds are it's the shampoo or conditioner you've been using.

Your current hair products may be overly harsh stripping your hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and more susceptible to static.

What to Do When Hair Products Cause Static Electricity in Hair

  • Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Try a dangler spray as these products can keep static at bay
  • Use Static Guard
  • Use anti static hair care products such as those seen below
  • Use a moisturizing balm, rub it in palms of hands and stroke it over, under and through hair
  • Lightly mist hair with hair spray using a brush misted with static guard
  • Use downy garment spray on clothes hanging in your closet just before you wear them.

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Fabric Spray Wrinkle Releasing Sprays Eliminate Both Wrinkles and Static Electricity.
Updated: 11/09/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

Derdriu, Very interesting, I am not sure, I have heard that fabric softener sheets get rid of static in hair.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/23/2017

katiem2, I like the hairbrush suggestion! But do you think it would work proactively sometimes to towel hair dry with the fabric sheets instead of with a towel?

katiem2 on 01/02/2013

HollieT, The fabric sheets work wonders and smell good too.

HollieT on 12/21/2012

I don't get static in my hair but my daughter does. The fabric softener sheets is an excellent idea- I'll tell her about that. Thanks for this. :)

katiem2 on 12/12/2012

Tina, These static free tips really do work. :)

Tina on 12/12/2012

I get static in my hair all the time this will come in very handy.

katiem2 on 11/25/2012

Mira, Fabric dryer sheets are so useful. If you Google what to do with fabric dryer or softening sheets you'll be amazed at the long list of uses. :)K

Mira on 11/24/2012

Fabric softener for the clothes is a good tip. I didn't know what fabric softener sheets were till I read your article :) I have used dryers in my life, but apparently didn't learn all the tricks.

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