How to bake a banana bread

by Malaikha

My banana bread is always a hit! The recipe is very easy and the bread really always works out!

There are different variation possibilities for this nice recipe. The banana bread can be served with tea or coffee or simply as a dessert.

I learned the recipe for the banana bread in Africa. It is totally flexible and easy. It always works out, even, if you are not too exact with the measurements. In Africa most of the women also do not use a scale but just add randomly. You may want to organize the bananas for the bread already some days before, since it tastes better when the bananas are totally ripe. In Africa there is the advantage that also the cute, small sweet bananas can be used which are really great to bake with.


Here is the shopping list for the banana bread:

  1. Flour (around 180 Grams)
  2. Coconut graters (around 100 Grams)
  3. 1 small pack backing powder
  4. 1 pack vanilla custard powder
  5. 5 big or 10 small bananas
  6. Margarine (around 125 Grams)
  7. 2 Eggs
  8. Lemon Juice from 2-3 lemons
  9. Sugar (around 159 Grams)
  10. fat and flour for the baking mould
  11. a dash of salt

Preparation for the dough:

  1. Take a bowl and mash the bananas in it until they look like porridge. You can use a potato masher or, to be quicker, an immersion blender.
  2. Mix the lemon juice with the mashed bananas, so that they will not get brown.
  3. Take a second bowl in which you mix the margarine, salt and sugar until they are a compact mixture.
  4. Then just add the rest of the ingredients to the mixture and stir well.
  5. Mix the contents of both bowls together and stir well.


  1. Fill the whole dough in a baking mould which should be greased nicely.
  2. Bake it for around 45 minutes, temperature: 180-200 degrees.
  3. The baking time depends on the stove, so better check regulary by stabbing a fork in the bread. if there is no dough on the fork anymore, when you take it out, then the bread is surely ready.


As mentioned, there are many different ways for this recipe. So here are some suggestions for different variations:

  1. Instead of the coconut it is possible to use any kind of grated nuts, especially if you do not want to make the bread too sweet.
  2. For people who want it even sweeter use chocolate graters instead.
  3. The combination chocolate-banana is always nice, so how about icing the banana bread with chocolate after baking?
  4. Itis also nice to cut it in half to fill with Nutella or jam.
  5. Instead of vanilla custard powder you might wanna use other flavours like chocolate or caramel.

You are free to play around with the recipe, as long as the main ingredients are in it, it will always work out!  


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Updated: 04/30/2013, Malaikha
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