How To Be A Good Employee

by pkmcr

In today's economy knowing how to be a good employee could be the key to being able to keep your job! If you have a job and want to keep it then being a good employee could help!

Nowadays unemployment seems to keep rising and there are constant rumors of businesses having to close. So if you have a job and want to keep it then knowing how to be a good employee is key.

There are various things that you can do and attitudes you can demonstrate that will help you demonstrate that you have the qualities of a good employee.

Whilst no one can confidently predict the impact of the economy on a business but you can put yourself in the best position.

If you do everything possible to show that you are one of the company's good employees then you can only help your chances of retaining your job.

What Makes A Good Employee?

Qualities Of A Good Employee

So let's take a look at some of the things that make a good employee and could help you if you want to keep your job:

Being A Team Player

It is something we hear time and time again isn't it! Be a good employee by being a team player.

Being a team player is one of the best ways to keep your job. What does it actually mean though?  It's about going above and beyond what your employer or manager asks of you. It can mean having to sacrifice some of your time, perhaps by having to work overtime or at weekends. It can also mean taking on extra responsibilities or work that was done by others if the company has recently had to let people go.

Try to learn all about the company and the jobs that others perform without making them feel threatened by your interest.

However, the broader the range of knowledge you have and demonstrating that you are able to step in and help if someone is off sick or leaves the company, the more job security you are goint to have.

Keep up to date with technology even if like me it means being self taught and learning in your own time.

Don’t Criticize The Company

Remeber that you don't own the company and therefore you won't have all the details about what might be going on behind the scenes. You may not agree with all the decisions that the management team make but outside of any formal consultation process do keep your negative feelings to yourself. Always ensure that if you have the opportunity to feedback on decisions that you do so in a positive way.

You should avoid engaging in or listening to gossip about the company or indeed the management. If people start gossiping or bad-mouthing the company around you then make your excuses and move away.

Your company may have a Social Media Usage policy but even if they don't do not start expressing opinions on social media sites. Sites such as Facebook and Twittercan be fun but many people have been caught out by making negative comments on these sites. Don't rely on any comments just been seen by friends and family, it's not worth taking the chance.

Dress Appropriately

I can remember my Grandfather telling us that we should always dress for work as if we were about to be appointed to the Board of the company!

Now that may not be appropriate for your role.  However, you should always dress as smartly and neatly as you can. You don't need to to set yourself apart by turning up on a suit and tie when no one else does.  However, what you wear to work be clean and not look as if you have just got out of bed.

How To Be A Good Employee

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ronpass on 06/10/2011

Paul - very wise advice. Someone was telling me yesterday how an employee was bagging his boss in a cafe but did not realize that the wife of his boss' superior was at the next table. It is becoming a difficult job market worldwide, so as you suggest, being an ideal employee goes a long way to job retention and job security. Employers everywhere, in both the public and private sectors, are becoming increasingly willing to remove employees who are poor performers.

dustytoes on 06/10/2011

I totally agree with your advice about not gossiping about management. You never know who might be listening. It goes back to the old saying: If you don't have something nice to say....

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