How to Build a Snowman

by CountrySunshine

The simple steps to building a snow man or woman. It's easier than you think!

It snowed today; the first snow of the winter season. Although I really despise cold weather, I believe that if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow! At least it is pretty, and it gives you something to do while you're outside freezing!

My first thought was to build a snowman. My second thought was remembering back a few years ago when we had a huge snow fall. I went outside where the neighborhood kids were playing. I mentioned building a snowman, and none of them - not ONE of them - had ever built one.

Something I cannot even imagine. Why, that's the best part of winter!

So, what did we do? I spent the rest of the day teaching the kids how to build a snowman. We built one for each kid's yard, then took pictures of all of them for posterity!

So how do you build a snowman?

1) The first thing to take into account is what type of snow you have. It must be the wet kind, so it will pack together. The powdery stuff just won't work!

2) Take a handful of wet snow, and form it into a ball about the size of a softball. Pack it tightly in your hand.

3) Look across your yard, and decide where you want the snowman to end up. The best place to show off your handiwork is in your front yard. Close to your house works well. However, it is even better if you put it close to the street for all to see.

4) Take your small ball of snow, and begin rolling it on the ground. Snow will stick to it as you roll. It's best to turn it from side to side. Otherwise, the ends will become too flat.

5) As soon as you get a really huge ball of snow that you cannot pick up, roll it to it's final resting place. This will the base of your snowman. The bigger, the better!

Building the Body

1) Now that you've built the base of your snowman, it's time to add to his body. Follow the above steps to build a second snow ball. It should be slightly smaller than the previous one.

2) Bring the finished snowball to the base. It's easier to attach them if the top of the base is flattened out, as well as the bottom of the 2nd snowball. Put the 2nd one on the top of the base. You might need to add some wet snow at the seams to secure them together.

3) You can add as many snowballs as you like. I like to have at least 3. Just remember as you make them that each needs to be a bit smaller than the previous ones.


Building a Snowman
Building a Snowman
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication...

Dressing Your Snowperson

Now that you have built your snowman, and packed enough snow around each ball to secure it, it's time to give it personality. The more ornate, the better!

1) The face: It needs eyes, nose and mouth. Traditionally, these were made of coal. For my latest snowman, I used bottle caps for it's eyes, a carrot for the nose, and some copper pipe pieces for the mouth. Mainly, because these were just laying around close by. You can use anything from rocks and coal, to buttons, vegetables, sticks, cables or whatever else you can imagine.

Traditional Snowman
Traditional Snowman
Tatjana Scheffler near Wetaskiwin, Al...

2) The arms: Of course, your snowman has to have arms! Sticks are the best things to use. If they are sturdy enough, you can even have your snowman wear gloves, or hold something. Stick them in the sides of the body, making sure not to break loose any of the snow.

3) The head: Your snowman's head needs something to keep it warm. Mine is wearing an old hard hat. Cowboy hats, caps and other headgear work as well.

4) The neck: Like the head, you don't want your snow person to get cold! Wrap a scarf, ribbon or necktie around it to give him some character.

More Ideas for Snow Building

There are many more ways to build snowmen. The one listed above is the traditional way. I see people now who fill up 5 gallon buckets with snow, then turn them over to make each section of their snow men. That's just cheating!

Another way is to just rake all the snow into a pile, and make a tall pillar of snow. I've done this before, and it looks more like a snow worm than a person.


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Whatever your preference, I hope you spend the time at least once each winter to play in the snow  snow. It will (hopefully) remind you of those carefree days when you were a kid -- and -- give you some much needed exercise!


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Originally published December 5, 2011 on Squidoo


Updated: 10/26/2015, CountrySunshine
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CountrySunshine on 10/30/2015

We are more prone to ice than snow, so it is a treat when we do get some! I guess a six inch snowman would qualify, but it probably not worth the effort. So sorry that you miss out on this wonder of nature!

blackspanielgallery on 10/29/2015

We rarely see snow, and certainly not every year. When it does fall there may be enough snow for a six inch snowman. C

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