Best Sleds for Toddlers

by TerriRexson

A selection of the best sleds for toddlers. Snow is lots of fun for 1, 2 and 3 year olds when they have the right gear.

Toddler Sleds

Toddlers love being pulled along in a sled and maybe even sliding down some gentle slopes. But most sleds are only suitable for older children. There are baby sleds around, but what about the toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years?

On this pages you'll find the best sleds for toddlers. There are choices for different price ranges. If you live somewhere where snow isn't guaranteed then a less expensive sled should be okay (though you may still want the photo opportunity from a traditional wooden sled!). 

If the sled it going to be a major form of transport in the winter then a more expensive sled will make sense. 

Best Toddler Sleds

Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds

Paricon's Toddler Boggan 625, is great to tow your little one in down the snow.

Only $29.99
Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh

Flexible Flyer Baby Wooden Sleigh

Only $199.99
Mountain Boy Sledworks Bambino Superior Pull Sled

Mountain Boy Sledworks Bambino Superior Pull Sled: Limited edition craftsmanship to introduce your kid to the snow. Let the adventure begin! The craftsmen at Mountain Boy ...

Paricon Toddler Boggan Sled

Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds
Only $29.99

Paricon Red Plastic High Sided Toddler Sled

Age 18 months to 4 years

This Paricon Toddler Boggan Sled is an excellent budget choice for toddlers. The sled is suitable kids from 18 months to 4 years. 

The Toddler Boggan has high-sided design with deep sides and a tall back, plus a child safety strap to keep your kids secure. 

It also has a tow rope for pulling kids along - they'll like that!

Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh

1 and 2 child versions
Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh
Only $199.99
Flexible Flyer Large Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh

Flexible Flyer Wooden Toddler Sleigh

The Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh is for kids aged 1 to 4. It's more a toddler sleigh that a baby sleigh!

If you get snow regularly or prefer a traditional wooden design then it's worth getting a good quality toddler sled like this one. 

What I really like about this toddler sled is that it comes in a larger 2-kid version. Great for twin toddlers or siblings who are close in age. 

Both sizes of sled have red padded inserts available that will keep kids comfortable and a bit warmer. 

Flexible Flyer Pad for Baby Sleigh

Flexible Flyer Pad for Baby Sleigh
$39.99  $28.13

Mountain Boy Luxury Wood Toddler Sled

Age 8 months to 6 years

The Mountain Boy Sledworks Bambino Superior Pull Sled is a high quality luxury sled for younger kids. It's suitable for babies and infants from 8 months plus, toddlers and little kids up to age 6. There's enough room for two toddlers on here. 

This is a gorgeous hand-crafted sled made from tiger-maple planks with black-stained willow hand rails. 

Mountain Boy Sledworks Bambino Superior Pull Sled

Mountain Boy Sledworks Bambino Superior Pull Sled

Buying a Toddler Sled for Christmas?

Last year I bought my toddler a sled for Christmas. I decided that he would get it early if it snowed before Christmas, and it did! I was glad I'd bought it early because we were snowed in. We couldn't get out to local stores (who may not have had any sleds left anyway) and there was no way a delivery could get through to us. 

If it hadn't snowed before Christmas my plan was to set the sled up in our living room and put all his other gifts on top of it - mini Santa's sleigh style. 

More Ideas for Toddlers

A selection of pull along wagons for toddlers. We've used a pull along wagon for our boys from aged one year up so I know what to look for.
A Kitchen Helper raises your toddler up to counter-top height to keep them safe in the kitchen while they help and join in. Choose from a range of kitchen helpers.
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katiem2 on 09/20/2012

Nice sleds for the little ones, gonna remember this, I think we're going to have a good winter of snow fall and outdoor winter fun. :)K

sheilamarie on 12/11/2011

Brings back wonderful memories of when my kids were small. We spent many fun hours in the snow with a sled.

mariahardy on 12/02/2011

This is a great layout of a page. Would you tell me how I am achieving this. Please write it very plain because I am not very good with comoputers.

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