Ride On Pull Wagons for Toddlers

by TerriRexson

A selection of pull along wagons for toddlers. We've used a pull along wagon for our boys from aged one year up so I know what to look for.

I'm Mom to two boys who are close in age. When my younger son turned one he didn't really need any big toys as his big brother already had them, so we bought him a red pull along wagon instead.

We bought a two-seater wagon so both boys could fit in. It's been great fun and practical too. We used it for trips to the park when we didn't want the boys to fall asleep. I've used it for my younger son when taking my older son to preschooler. His big brother could jump in too if he was tired after preschool.

Now the boys are getting bigger and we use it for trips to the zoo - it can be loaded up with a picnic, drinks, spare clothes, etc. And if one of the boys is tired they can get a ride for a while. They boys can also use the wagon to play with and pull their own toys down to the park.

Everytime we go out with the pull along wagon it gets lots of comments from parents and kids. We actually acquired a second wagon which visiting friends and cousins can ride it. That one has a different design and there are benefits to each.

In this article I'll feature several of the best pull along wagons for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and little kids.

Pull Wagon for Toddlers and Twins

We have this Red Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon. It's a big chunky plastic wagon with room for two kids. Two seats are important if you have twins or toddlers close in age who both want to ride. 

One of the main reasons that we chose the Pathfinder wagon is that is comes with two seatbelts. This is an important safety feature and makes the wagon usable with younger children. 

The wagon is really well designed. It has drink or snack holders built in. The seats can fold down to create a storage compartment underneath and a flatbed wagon on top - great when the kids get bigger and want a wagon to transport their stuff. 

One feature I really like is that you can hang a bag off the back of the seat. Or you can buy a special bag that is designed to go on the back. This is great for taking a picnic and all the stuff that little kids need when you go anywhere! 

A couple of things to be careful of:

  • There is no brake so you need to park carefully!
  • The wheels are noisy. Apparently this is one of the quietest wagons around, but it's still noisy especially when it's empty. 

Radio Flyer 2700Z Pathfinder Wagon, Red

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon for Kids, Garden & Cargo, Re...
Only $104.78

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon
Only $280.99

If you're going to be out with your wagon in hot sunshine then a model with a sun canopy is a very good idea. 

The Radio Flyer wagons will carry kids up to the age of 5 though I have to admit it gets harder to pull kids along when they get to that age! 

I did manage to pull both my kids plus all their gear around the zoo for 20 minutes at the end of a very long day when they were 3 and nearly 5. But to be fair, my 4 year old had pulled the wagon and gear around the zoo for most of the day because he thinks it's fun. 

A wagon makes a great alternative to a buggy at the zoo or a theme park because kids can see out and feel much more like part of the action. 

Basic Wagon with Doors

The other wagon we have is a basic wagon with doors at the side like this Step 2 Wagon for Two. 

The doors are a great feature for bigger toddlers - they love to climb in and out on their own. You do have to be careful that the wagon is safely parked when they do this though. 

This wagon doesn't have high seat backs so it's not quite as comfortable for little kids. It does come with two seatbelts for safety though. 

You can get a trailer to go on the back of this wagon to carry extra gear. Kids will really like this! It does mean an extra item to transport though. 

As with the Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon, the long handle folds underneath the wagon for storage and transportation. 

We can fit either one of our wagons in our fairly large trunk for a trip to the zoo or a theme park. Our local park is within walking distance so we can just pull the wagon there. 

Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus Willow Green

And Matching Trailer
Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus Willow Green
Only $102.93
Step2 Tag-Along Trailer Plus (Willow Green)
Only $190.0

A Folding Wagon

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle
$191.98  $139.99

Now this is a good idea. A sturdy folding wagon that can be used to transport kids, picnics, party supplies, toys and more. 

We love our Radio Flyer wagon but it does take up a lot of space in the car. This means that we have to leave it behind when we go on vacation (which would often be an ideal time to use it.)

Many owners recommend this On the Edge red folding utility wagon. It folds up small and can transport up to 120 pounds. 

There are some mixed reviews but a lot of them are older. Most people seem to like this wagon. 

More Ride-On Pull Wagons for Toddlers

It's worth looking for a ride-on pull wagon on eBay. If you are lucky you might find a wagon that hasn't been used much and can be collected locally. You'll also find a wide range of new and used wagons to choose from.  

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