Snowboarding: History & Few Best Places For It Around The World

by sandyspider

Little bit about the history of snowboarding and where are the best places around the world to go snowboarding.

Snowboarding is a very popular and old sport; it was very popular in late 60’s also, now snowboarding is among the most loved sports by the people. There were lots of improvements and developments in this sport, and the people start getting involved in snowboarding and this increasing popularity made it one of the most cheered sports in winter Olympics. Due to its increasing popularity special terrain parks were made for players and spectators, tourists were also one of the reasons of this development, since tourists also boosts the country economy and also they get to develop the best snowboarders.

Types of Snowboarding





There are mainly four types of snowboarding and they are:

Freestyle: This form of snowboarding allows professionals to display impressive speed and tricks; they can show off whatever skills they have by performing various jumps and tricks. More flexible boards are used during freestyle snowboarding, because this helps them to reach better heights.

Freecarve: It is just like a race where professionals compete against each other. This style is mostly for professionals, they get to show the techniques and skills they have like twisting, turning, weight shifting skills, etc… The aim of this race is to pass the opponent at certain point where you must have to use any specific skill and conduct it safely.

Freeriding: This is the most common form of snowboarding, and perfect for beginners. Snowboarders travel through the slope of mountains.

Jibbing: This is most dangerous form of snowboarding, although this form is performed on any surface other than snow like ledges, rails, benches, etc… This is very fascinating to see but dangerous to perform.

Best Places for Snowboarding













The place is also important for enjoying snowboarding completely. Now most of the resorts provides a place for snowboarding, these places are prepared and maintained for snowboarding because of its increasing popularity. I am listing few places around the world which are best for snowboarding.

USA:USA has some of the best places for snowboarding in the world. Colorado, California, Wyoming, Utah and Vermont these places are best for snowboarding in USA. If you are looking for proper resort then there are lots of places such as Crested butte and Vail in Colorado, MammothMountain, HeavenlyValley and Squaw Valley in California. Over all California have few of the best places for snowboarding.

Canada: Few of the best snowboarding places are in Canada; Blackcomb/Whistler is the best place for snowboarding in Canada.

Japan: It seems little odd but yes japan also has few best places for snowboarding. Japan has few very cold areas and mountains due to which such place exists in Japan; it has total 600+ snowboarding resorts. Nagano is one of the best places to go for snowboard in Tokyo.

Europe: The Alps are great for snowboarding; you will have the best experience while you are snowboarding in Europe. St. Moritz and French resort Chamonix are the best places for snowboarding in Switzerland. And don’t forget Italy, They also have few best places filled with snow just perfect for snowboarding; Livigno is the best place in Italy.

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sandyspider on 04/10/2017

DerdriuMarriner Seems like you have had a lot of fun with skiing and ice skating.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/25/2017

sandyspider, To this day, in generally gorgeously ice-less and snow-less warmer realms, I miss cross-country skiing and ice skating in the Arboretum and roller skating in the Mall and the Sunken Gardens.

sandyspider on 04/02/2016

DerdriuMarriner, you seem to be very active with the winter sports.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/25/2016

sandyspider, Thank you for the rundown, especially what forms to practice (jibbing, beware!) and where to go (Italy, Japan, Utah). Skateboarding and snowboarding fascinate me even though I'm just a cross country skier, ice skater and roller skater (who nevertheless likes to hear and see what others dare to do).

katiem2 on 09/10/2012

I love snowboarding. I'm thinking we are bound for big snow this winter. Gonna bust out my Shaun White moves. :)K

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