How to Clean Gold and Diamond Jewelry

by Daughter_of_Maat

Keeping your fine jewelry looking its best should be a top priority. Here are some tips for cleaning jewelry the right way to prevent damage and keep it looking beautiful.

To extend the life of gold and diamond jewelry, it is important to care for it accordingly. Cleaning is one of the most common ways to keep jewelry looking its best. However, it is best to try to keep jewelry from becoming dirty by avoiding constant wear. Avoid wearing gold and diamond jewelry when going to the beach, doing household chores, exercising, and swimming.

The Apples of Gold website also recommends removing jewelry before applying lotions, hairspray or perfumes to prevent damage.

Things to Avoid

When Cleaning Your Jewelry

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning jewelry is to not overclean it. Gemstone jewelry is especially vulnerable to overcleaning, which can dull the polish on softer gemstones. Cleaning gold or diamond jewelry every day would be an example of overcleaning it.

There are certain cleaning methods that should be avoided when cleaning gemstone and gold jewelry. To keep gemstones looking their best, the following should be avoided:

  • Toothbrushes – scrubbing gemstones (even diamonds) with toothbrushes can scratch the surface of the stones. After repeated scratching, the stones will no longer look polished and lose their brilliance.
  • Soaking – soaking stones such as pearls, turquoise and opals will absorb anything in which they are soaked. These stones are best wiped with a clean, yet damp, cloth.
  • Cleaning pastes – cleaning pastes can be abrasive. For the same reason toothbrushes should be avoided, cleaning pastes should not be used. If paste must be used, be sure to read the label first to see if it has any abrasive ingredients that may damage soft stones.
  • Ultrasound cleaning machines – the vibrating action of ultrasonic cleaning devices can easily damage gemstones. They should be completely avoided if at all possible.
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Tips for Removing Stubborn Dirt

Sometimes a damp cloth just will not do the trick. To loosen stubborn dirt, briefly soak the jewelry in a mixture of dish detergent and water. This will help loosen the dirt, and limit the amount of scrubbing needed. It will also help extend the life of the jewelry and keep gemstones from becoming dulled. This should not be used on soft gemstones, however. Soft stones such as amber, opal or pearls should be taken to a professional if deep cleaning is needed.


Professional Services

If you need to have your jewelry professionally cleaned, you can usually take it to the store from which you bought it. Most fine jewelry stores, such as Shimmer & Stone, offer professional cleaning services. Many offer the service when you purchase a warranty on you jewelry. Always ask the sales representative before you make a purchase. If they don’t offer the service, they may be able to make a recommendation.

Updated: 08/14/2012, Daughter_of_Maat
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