How to Create a Memorable High School Reunion Party in London

by celina

High school reunions are the best way to catch up with your old friends and classmates. Incorporate these ideas and organise an unprecedented high school reunion in London.

High school reunion party in London is the best way to bring back the nostalgic memories of your glorious school days. They are the best way to meet your old pals, and rejuvenating the essence of old times. However, in order to achieve this, you need to plan this shindig quite systematically. Everything about your reunion party, be it decor, food or location, should be perfect so that your reunion affair remains a cherished one. So, if you are planning to host a high school reunion party in London, then use ideas that will make it an unforgettable affair.

Select the Right Venue
Select the Right Venue

Select the Right Venue

Choosing the right venue is key to the success of your event. If you are searching a venue in central London, then visit It is a wonderful online destination, where you can choose top reunion venues London, all equipped with latest event facilities and services. The contemporary facilities at these venues include, apt parking space, in-house catering team, event management team, and so on. Some of them have spacious dance floors, in-house bars, and latest lighting effects o create a wonderful night for your guests. Pick a venue through this site and host a memorable party right in the city centre.

Create the Perfect Invitation
Create the Perfect Invitation

Create the Perfect Invitation

Your reunion invitation card should be extremely mesmerising and appealing. Dull and bland invitation cards are a big turn-off. Choose something that is related to the theme of your reunion party. If you are still confused about the cards, visit, to search great online invitation cards. You can even use these ideas to create your own invitation cards:

Old Class Photos

Rewind the time clock a bit and look for a photo where most of your classmates are present, like a prom party photo and use that photo as the theme for your invitation card.

Your School

School is the common denominator of all of your guests who would be attending your reunion party. Incorporate the picture of your school building and have it on the front of your invitation card. This will not only revitalise the fond memories in the minds of the recipients but also make for an alluring theme for your invitation card.

Recordable Invitation Card

Recordable invitation cards are a great way to infuse that touch of vitality and creating the amicable ambience for your reunion party in London. Have a recordable card and add the most popular song of your school time and then send out the invitations. This will take back your party guests into that nostalgic time, coaxing them to attend your reunion party.

Party Decor

Try to recreate as nostalgic an ambience as possible with the help of complementary decor. Decoration of your party venue in London will depend upon the theme. Nonetheless, you can take a hint from these ideas:

Decor for the Walls

Adorn the walls with colourful streamers, balloons and vibrant lights. Paste the pictures of your schoolmates at different locations and place small bulbs at their outer boundaries. Along with this, adorning the walls with movie posters of your high school time is a great option.

If you want to amplify the “nostalgic” pitch even more, ask your party guests to contribute items related to their high school days. It can be a duplicate copy of their high school results or their certificates. However, do make sure that they send in these things well in advance.


Place a huge banner at the entrance with relevant information shining brightly on it. Another idea is to have the exact replica of your high school banner at the entrance of the venue. This will provoke some giggles and amazement among some of your guests as they would feel that they are going back to school. Further, place a huge inflated picture of your classroom and old class photos inside the venue. You can either hang it or place it as a huge party board rounded off with necessary decorations.


Centrepieces should follow the suit of entrance and wall decorations. Have numerous balloons and flowers in the colour of your school building. For example, if your school building had pink colour when you graduated from it, then have pinks as the flower for your centrepieces. The colour of the balloons should also be pink to suit the decor.

To make the centrepiece even more attractive, laminate the high school documents, newspaper articles contributed by your guests in the school magazine (if you can find them) and other such things. After that, glue them onto a stick and place them in between the floral bouquet at the centre.


Instead of decorating the table with shimmering items, ask your guests to send in items that are related to their high school days or things that evoke memories of high school days in their mind. School jackets, prom photo frames, award trophies and other such items.

Table Centrepieces
Table Centrepieces

Party Decoration Posters

Pick a poster to decorate walls of the venue.
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
"Oh, sure, high school. I remember now." - New Yorker Cartoon
"My high-school reunion went very well, thank you." - New Yorker Cartoon
Ad AllPosters
Party Theme
Party Theme


Themes add on to the excitement quotient of the party and the same is true for high school reunion parties. It is best that you consult your former school mates before zeroing in on a particular theme. This way you will come up with surprisingly amazing ideas.

Travelling Back in Time

It is one of the most popular themes to have for your high school reunion affair in London. Ask your guests to dress themselves the way they dressed in their high school time. Decor of the venue should also be in sync with that year. Try to recall the trends of your high school year and portray that into your high school reunion party as authentically as possible.

The Decade Theme

Bring out the confluence of whole decade in which you passed your high school into your reunion party in London. There are two approaches to this theme: Either go for the musical decade as the theme for the party or movie decade as the theme. Decorate the venue accordingly (for example, if you have chosen musical decade as the theme, then deck the venue with album covers and recreate the ambience of the most famous music video in your reunion party venue).

Conversely, if you have opted for movie decade as the theme, then roll out the red carpet. Ask your guests to dress themselves as their favourite stars of that decade. Additionally, create a miniature set of the most famous movie of that period at your reunion party venue in London.

Unexpected Themes

If you want to incorporate a radically different theme onto your reunion party, then opt for themes like the Arabian nights, the Great Gatsby or Swinging Sixties. The choice of theme depends upon your interests and budget. You may also try out the mix of two or more themes like combining the historical aura of Arabian nights with the sleek sophistication of the Great Gatsby.

Movie Decade Theme
Movie Decade Theme

High School Reunion Parties

Unexpected Themes
Unexpected Themes
Activities and Games
Activities and Games

Activities and Games

Class reunion games should be brimming with revelry and excitement and not boredom. Include fewer activities and games so your guests have enough time to socialize with each other. Two interesting games accompanied with some activities make up for a good mix.

If you are including games into your party itinerary, then see to it that the games are short and interest-provoking. Move beyond the clichéd Dumb Charades or Truth or Dare. One of the exciting games would be to host a quiz session at the party. Frame questions that relate to your high school days. Ask your guests questions about their fellow classmates like secret crushes, what they liked or dislike about their mates at that time etc. It is up to your creativity to frame as engrossing questions as possible.

When it comes to activities, having Karaoke nights and talent hunt episodes make for good candidates. Along with these options, you can arrange for dance competitions for couples with the winning couple sweeping away the award for “best dancing couple of the night”.

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celina on 06/20/2013

Thank you Artist... I m working on some new ideas too. :)

WriterArtist on 06/20/2013

Some great tips on having a party with your high school friends and to make it a memorable one.

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