How To Decorate On A Budget

by Sheila

Want a nice home without getting into debt? Here are some tips for saving money while decorating...

My husband and I moved into our first home when we were both students, and as you can imagine, money was tight. Over the years I've picked up some tips for budget decorating....

Save Money On Your Couch

Your couch is often the most expensive item in a home. I like to have a couch so that we can entertain, but one way to save money is to simply not buy a couch! You can use comfortable chairs instead.

Buying a second-hand couch or even accepting a hand-me-down will save you a lot of money when decorating. You can always upgrade to a nicer model when you can afford it. Alternatively, you can use stretch slipcovers to make an old couch look like new!

Saving Money On Furniture

It's possible to save money by buying some furniture pieces second hand, but with large items such as bookshelves, you'll wind up having to rent a car to transport the item. Most sellers don't offer transportation. One solution is to buy inexpensive flat-packed furniture, such as items from Ikea. Again, you can upgrade to nicer pieces when you can afford to do so.

One trick I've learn is that unless you love light-colored furniture, darker furniture looks more expensive even when it's not.

Save Money On Your Mattress

No, I don't recommend buying a second hand mattress! However, you can save money by getting a cheap mattress and a more expensive mattress topper, such as a memory foam mattress topper.

Spend Less On Accessories

I try to maintain a minimalist look in my home - the place looks a lot less cluttered if you have fewer knick knacks, plus cleaning up is easier too! And did I mention that you'll save money if you don't buy random vases and figurines? Instead, decorate with items you already own and love.

If you can afford it, you can use nice pillows, curtains and rugs to add a touch of elegance to your home, without breaking the budget.

Use Inexpensive Wall Art

Paintings and frames are expensive. However, you can find cheap frames online and at various stores such as Ikea. I like wall art, but canvas pieces are out of my budget - prints and even images from artsy magazines can make great wall art. Alternatively, if you are artistic, you can make simple canvas art by painting the canvas yourself.

Remember, you can make your home look great without spending too much - and you can always upgrade to more expensive items later, if you feel like it.

Updated: 03/13/2012, Sheila
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