Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

by Sheila

Should you buy the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder? In this review I cover pros, cons, best prices and more

A high quality burr coffee grinder is essential for producing the best coffee grounds at home. For many coffee lovers, the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr coffee grinder is essential. It makes high quality coffee grounds producing the best tasting coffee. This burr coffee grinder uses high quality parts. It comprises of ABS plastic and nylon, the burr set is made of steel, and some other parts of the grinder are made of durable plastic.

The grinder comes with a glass container for collecting the coffee grounds. Unlike the other coffee grinders that use plastic ground catchers, the Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder does not create any mess when it is used.
The best thing about this coffee grinder is that it provides very good value for money, which is quite an advantage. The edges of the coffee grinder which receive most stress are made of nylon or a special plastic. The plastic is ductile and lasts long, while the burrs are made of steel.

The coffee grinder delivers up to 14 grinding settings that one can continuously adjust. You can choose to adjust from coarse to fine to satisfy the brewing methods. With the adjustments, you can grind coffee to the right extent to have the best French press, espresso, or manual drip coffee.

To grind the best coffee, one must not be in a hurry. The results are worth the extra grinding session. The sessions are limited to 20seconds and in between the grinder pauses for 5 minutes to prevent motor burn.

When it comes to reducing static, Bodum coffee grinder has taken things further. Since the outside of the grinder is sealed by rubber, it reduces noise considerably. The rubber coating attracts dust particles hence cleaning it on regular basis is necessary.

For that perfect cup of home coffee, it is a good idea that you have the Bodum coffee grinder. It has a good reputation when it comes to not clogging on French roast oily coffee beans.

One may be afraid of purchasing the coffee grinder because of the need to have it cleaned on a regular basis. However, it is not that hard of a task having to clean it. I just pop the burr grinder, tilt it over the kitchen sink, and remove the accumulated coffee grinds by tapping. For anyone who loves a homemade cup of coffee, getting the Bodum Bistro electric burr coffee grinder is a great idea.

Updated: 03/15/2012, Sheila
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