How to Froth Milk

by Digby_Adams

I love to use a one touch milk frother to easily make delicious coffee, chai or gourmet hot chocolate.

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Learn how to froth milk using one touch milk frothers, automatic milk frothers and pump-action milk frothers.

One Touch Milk Frother

Mlk Frother for Coffee
Aerolatte Milk Frother, Satin

Frothing milk has never been easier than when using the Aerolatte, a stylish and convenient hand held frother. Attractively designed with a chrome finish, it operates on two ...

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Aerolatte To Go, Milk Frother, Black

The original steam free milk frother from Aerolatte is now available in a convenient travel case. No longer do you have to leave your Aerolatte at home ¿ bring it on holiday ...

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BonJour Automatic Primo Latte Frother

BonJour Primo Latte frother is the perfect fusion of excellence in design and function. The curvaceous black and matte silver frother features a uniquely comfortable design. ...

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You can give your homemade coffee quite a pick-me-up with frothed milk. (No it doesn't turn your morning coffee into a latte. To do that you would have to have an espresso machine to make the espresso and then pour the frothed milk onto the espresso.) But believe me you will become a true believer, in how wonderful frothed milk makes everyday coffee taste.

How to Froth Milk? Start with non-fat milk. Yes, if you like the taste or are drinking it because of health reasons, you'll be happy to know that non-fat milk froths the best. If you can't tolerate non-fat milk, try 2% milk. But if you only want whole milk, don't worry, you can froth that up into a rich foam as well. Take a one touch milk frother similar to the ones show to the right and hold it just below the surface. Push the button on the milk frother and watch the foam. As the foam bubbles up, keep the milk frother just below the surface of the froth. You can work with both hot and cold milk. If I have several cups of coffee or milk to froth, then I put it in a frothing pitcher, whip it up, and then pour it into individual cups.

You can froth both hot and cold milk. You can also make and assemble your beverage such as hot cocoa and then use your milk frother machine to give it a fluffy rich consistency. Top it off with canned whipped cream and then drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce on top - just like the coffee shop does.

If you don't want to have to stand and foam milk the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus is a great alternative. You just pour in hot or cold milk and a nice stiff foamy milk emerges in a little over a minute. If you have a stovetop espresso machine lattes and cappuccinos can easily be made with these. My only quibble is that I like really hot milk and these machines never seem to get it hot enough for my taste.

Nesspresso Aeroccino Plus

Milk Frother Machine
Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

Nespresso 3192-US Plus Aeroccino & Milk Frother-Perfect milk froth in seconds.

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HIC Brands that Cook Stainless Steel Milk Frother, 14-Ounce Size

Best Milk Frother
HIC Brands that Cook Stainless Steel Milk Frother, 14-Ounce Size

This 14 ounce stainless steel pitcher creates a thick, rich froth with very little effort. In 30-60 seconds, you can create frothing milk to add to cafe quality mochas, lattes ...

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Pour in hot milk that isn't quite boiling and then use the center top knob to start plunging to make frothed milk. This milk frother machine is simply constructed and will look beautiful on your kitchen counter. There are no batteries to replace.  Works best if you're making about 2 cups of frother milk. If you're prone to breaking glass containers with frothing milk, then the metal container is perfect for you! On the downside, you can't see your frothing progress without some glass.

So if you prefer a glass container so you can see your frother milk in action, then the Norpro 89 Glass Cappuccino maker is a good option for you. Make about 2 cups of frothed milk in 10-20 seconds. Very green. It doesn't use batteries. Just use the center knob to pump up and down to create the foam. Pour on top of espresso or combine with your favorite hot chocolate mix. Stable construction ensures that it won't slide around the counter during frothing.

Norpro 89 Glass Cappuccino Frother

Best Milk Frother
Norpro 89 Glass Cappuccino Frother - Boxed

Specially designed to make fabulous volumes of froth in 10-20 seconds! Perfect for coffee, hot chocolate & desserts. For use with cream and hot or cold milk (non-fat milk ...

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How to Froth Milk

Milk Frother for Coffee
BonJour Caffé Maximus Manual Frother

With just a few pumps this frother transforms non-fat milk into rich, creamy froth, ideal for your favorite gourmet coffee drinks. Brushed stainless steel finish. Includes ...

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Bodum Chambord 5-Ounce Milk Frother

The world of coffee would be half as exciting if there was not that delicious layer of milk foam sitting on top of it! From lattes to cappuccinos, the Chambord Milk Frother ...

Keurig One Touch Milk Frother.

Keurig Milk Frother - 5074

Only $99.88
Frieling 18 Ounce Frother

18/10 stainless steel is revered for its sleekness and elegance as well as its ease of maintenance. The Milk Frother from Frieling boasts a gorgeous mirror finish outside and ...

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Sara on 01/17/2012

This would make a great valentine's day gift for a coffee lover

Angel on 12/30/2011

This is a really neat little thing to get. I love all sorts of twists to coffee and might have to try one of these. Great article.

sheilamarie on 12/27/2011

I have actually been looking at these little gizmos and thinking of purchasing one. Great page!

ethelsmith on 12/27/2011

What a great gadget

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