How to Buy and Use a Coffee Maker Percolator

by Digby_Adams

Percolator coffee pots make a rich and steaming hot cup of coffee that coffee gourmets will love.

A percolator coffee maker works by forcing steaming hot water through a basket filled with coffee grounds. There are both electric and stovetop percolators. They produce a very hot and rich cup of coffee, that is quite different from the more popular drip coffee machine. If you are a coffee gourmet and have never tried percolator coffee, you really should.

The Farberware percolator shown to the right easily brews from 4 to 8 cups of coffee. It has a convenient permanent filter, so you don't have to worry about running out. Made of high-quality, 18/10 stainless steel it has a beautiful mirror finish that will look beautiful on your kitchen counter.

Farberware Percolator

Stainless Steel Percolator
Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator
$34.95  $32.99

Buy Percolators on Amazon

Stove Top and Electric
Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel C...
$57.46  $31.15
West Bend 54159 Classic Stainless-Ste...
$36.43  $29.14
Medelco 8 Cup Glass Stovetop Percolator
$22.49  $15.99

How to Use a Stovetop Percolator

Making Coffee with a Percolator

  1. For both electric and stove top percolators, you should start with course ground coffee. This allows the coffee and water to mix over time as it perks. 
  2. Put in 8 ounces of water in the percolator for each cup of coffee that you want.
  3. Assemble the stem which allows the water to reach the coffee and the basket.
  4. Put the stem and basket in the percolator.
  5. Add the coffee and put on the lid. I usually add 1 tablespoon of coffee for each 8-ounce cup. Some people (like my mom) add a tablespoon for the coffee pot. This is a matter of personal taste and the only way to know how much coffee you like is to experiment.
  6. Put the percolator lid on. If you're using an electric percolator a light should come on when the coffee is ready. If you're using a stovetop percolator, then you need to use a timer. I always use a timer, because it's too easy to forget that I've put a pot of coffee on the stove.
  7. Set the timer for 10 minutes.
  8. You can watch the coffee gain its richness in the clear bubble at the top. When the coffee begins percolating, it's clear. As the percolating continues it develops it's rich dark brown color. And oh, does it smell delicious!
  9. Pour the brewed coffee into a thermal carafe to keep it steaming hot.

I live in northern coastal Maine so I know what it is to lose power. Our fancy espresso coffee maker doesn't work in a power failure. But our gas stove and stovetop percolator make a delicious and rich cup of coffee.The Coleman percolator shown to the right will perk up to 14 cups of coffee. It has the obligatory clear knob in the top so you can watch it's percolation progress. The very large handle makes pouring easy. Everything comes apart so that you can easily clean it. We take this percolator camping. So when the power goes off and we're huddled in front of the fireplace, it feels like good times.

Coleman Stovetop Percolator

Coleman 14-Cup Enamelware Coffee Percolator
Only $73.84

If you plan on using your coffee maker percolator every day and want a less rustic look that the enamel Coleman above, check out the beautifully styled Oneida percolator to the left. It is also on the smaller end of the percolator size spectrum making from 2 to 4 cups. Perfect for the one- or two-person household. But note, it is an electric coffee percolator, so it won't do you any good in a power outage. However, the Oneida percolator does have an automatic keep warm mode, which is very convenient.

Hamilton Beach is one of the most trusted names in American kitchen appliances. It also produces some of the prettiest small appliances. You'll love the convenience of making delicious percolator coffee in this electric percolator. You'll be proud to serve the richly brewed coffee to your guests in this beautifully designed coffee pot percolator. It quickly brews 12 cups of coffee. It also has an automatic Keep Warm setting. So you won't have to worry about cold or burnt-tasting coffee. The detachable cord makes it easy to store.

Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Percolator

Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless-Steel 12-Cup Electric Perc...
Only $59.4
Updated: 10/23/2012, Digby_Adams
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Kris_Heeter on 01/14/2012

It's great to see that there are still percolator around. They were so popular here in the 60's and 70's and then seemed to disappear. There's nothing like a the smell of coffee brewing in a percolator - fond memories from my childhood!

katiem2 on 01/13/2012

I love good coffee and now you've got me thinking there's a better way to enjoy even better coffee with a percolator. Thanks, Katie

pkmcr on 01/13/2012

There is nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of coffee n the morning!

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