The Best Cupcake Containers to Prevent Cupcake Calamaties

by Digby_Adams

Protect and showcase your beautiful, but fragile, cupcake creations in cupcake boxes, containers and carriers. Here's help in picking the best cupcake container for your needs.

While I love baking and decorating cupcakes, I am less in love with trying to get my petite baking treasures to their destinations in one piece. Usually I'm on my way to a potluck supper at my church or to the lcoal VFW Hall. Let's not forget the football boosters bake sale, or the cupcakes I take along to a friend's house for a host gift. If I'm lucky my husband is driving and I'm holding my cupcake container in my lap. But honestly that doesn't happen very often. Usually it's just me and my cupcakes, fighting against every bump in the road and unexpected traffic stop!

I find that I need very different cupcake containers for my various cupcake trips. First, I need large efficient and strong large cupcake carriers that hold lots of cupcakes to go to bake sales. Not only do those take cupcakes to their destination, they come home with me as well. Second, I need large cupcake boxes to put cupcakes in when people buy them at the bake sale or church bazaar. Third, I need adorable and small cupcake containers to bring special confectionary gifts to friends and business associates. The last two cupcake carriers are disposable and aren't returned.

Since the economy nosedived and the recent recession, bake sales have become important revenue centers for school and community groups. If you want to maximize your profits, you've got to have a reputation for the best baked goods in the county. The days of mixing up a cake mix, baking the cupcakes and putting a simple layer of frosting on them are over. You've got to be able to produce unique and gourmet sounding cupcake flavors and have exquisite decorations on them. After you've put all that effort into creating gourmet cupcakes AND your fellow volunteers are counting on you to fill the cupcake niche. A cupcake calamity just isn't acceptable.

Here's a Great a New Bake Sale Cupcake Design

My bake sale cupcake carriers and containers are plastic and usually hold between 24 and 36 cupcakes. When you pick out a cupcake container to transport lots of cupcakes you need to make sure that the cupcake cavity is the right size fo your cupcake style. I tend to make standard-sized fancy cupcakes that have about an 1 to 1-1/2 inches of fosting on the top. In today's world that's a pretty flat cupcake. If you pile it higher, you need to make sure that each cupcake carrier has enough headroom. When I'm in charge of the lots of frosting cupcakes for the bake sale, I usually use the cupcake carrier style to the left - one tier of cupcakes with a high top lid. I always want a transparent lid, so I can see the cupcakes. I worry most about the size of the cupcake cavity and head room. I never trust the handles and always carry from the bottom.

To command top dollar prices of $3 to $4 per cupcake the cupcake has to be in perfect condition.

People will buy more fancy and expensive cupcakes if they can see there's a way to get them home in one piece. Now I've learned when I go to my favorite cupcake bakery to bring my most trusted cupcake container with me. Most people won't think like that.

So my community groups always have cardboard cupcake containers with inserts that look attractive and are suitable for gift giving. We don't give them away free. People who spend top dollar on cupcakes are also willing to spend some money on the gift box.

I also use these when I want to bring cupcakes as gifts. The boxes have display windows and the cupcakes are decorated so there's no need for more decoration. They arrive conveniently folded. We usually construct one of each kind so that customers can see them set up. Then we just assemble on demand.

Fancy cupcakes are the perfect way to remember a co-worker's birthday or say thank you to the teacher who stayed after school to help your child with their math skills. They are special but not too much. And no you can't just put them in a baggie. These single cupcake containers show off the cupcake and make it a beautiful gift.

A single beautiful cupcake in an individual cupcake container is the perfect wedding or shower favor. You can box the cupcakes the day before the wedding and you don't have to pay for someone to cut the cake at the wedding.

As you can see there is a cupcake container for every cupcake size and style. I hope this gives you some idea of how to get your cupcakes from place to place with out a giant cupcake calamity.

Updated: 07/12/2014, Digby_Adams
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Jimmie on 12/29/2011

After working hard on those cupcakes, they certainly deserve some protective packaging. I love the title on this wizz. It really got my attention.

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