Ice Bucket for Wine

by Digby_Adams

Create a sophisticated dining table or home bar with a ice buckets for wine in crystal or stainless steel.

Yes, you should pay your rent and other important things before you buy an ice bucket for wine. But you should eventually buy one. It's so much easier to say, Honey, it's the big dinner tonight please get the ice wine buckets down and clean them, than it is to run all over the house and figure out which bathroom sink is available for wine cooling.

It's a mark of being a grown up to be able to bring a wine ice bucket to the table and pour wine for your guests. Whether you've got a stainless steel ice bucket that matches your tableware or a crystal ice bucket that complements your glassware, you'll love the way it looks on your dining table.

Add a Sophisticated Ice Bucket to Your Table

Wine and Accessories

There are many styles of ice wine buckets

We were very lucky that we were given several ice buckets for wine when we were married. People laughed at the shower, but there have been times when they've all been put to use at the same time. It's not uncommon for us to have people over to watch a big footbal game or election eve returns. One wine ice bucket was very masculine with a antique copper finish. That one lives in our home bar. I love the crystal ice bucket wine for the buffet. It looks great with all of the crystal glasses beside it. The stainless steel wine bucket with a stand is what we keep beside my husband's chair at our fancy dinners. He loves serving people and playing host.

Wine Ice Buckets and Home Entertaining Styles

Old Dutch International 11½ Inch x 11...
Only $80.6
Wine Bucket with Pipe Style Stand
Only $139.99
Prodyne Curves Acrylic Wine Bucket
Only $17.0

As you see you can get an ice bucket for wine in all price ranges. This makes it the perfect wedding or housewarming gift. You'll find one for every home decor and find some that encompass many styles so they transcend individal interior design styles.

At under $10 with the Amazon discount you can afford to buy several. When you have a large group eating it's hand to have several ice buckets for wine on the table. You might just be surprised at how elegant it makes your table look. If your guests are serious about their wine, they'll appreciate it being properly chilled. Take note of the pattern of wine ice buckets, candles and centerpieces and you'll think that you're dining in a fine restaurant. Perfect for an at-home wedding reception.

Stainless Steel Wine Bucket

Wine Bucket - 4 Qt. Polished Stainless Steel
$20.17  $18.0

I love the way clear ice buckets for wine look and I often think of them as sculptural elements and make ice cubes of different colors or shapes and put them in the clear buckets. You should stick to one color per ice bucket though. I've made skull ice cubes or dolphin ice cubes and not said a word to the guests. It was fun when the noticed. It's just as easy to freeze water in a novelty ice cube tray as conventional.

Updated: 07/09/2013, Digby_Adams
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