Stylish Alessi Tea Kettle - Michael Graves, Richard Sapper, Frank Ghery and more

by Digby_Adams

Stunning tea kettles designed by world-class architects bring fine art and Italian style to your stovetop.

Alessi takes an everday kitchen gadget or appliance - like a tea kettle and turns it into an object d'art. I was given an Alessi tea kettle for a wedding gift and it has brought a smile to my face everyday since then when I make my tea. I feel like a modern day Geisha as I boil water in this beautiful kitchen appliance. Alessi has partnered with some of the premier designers of our time to create beautiful tea kettles. This includes Michael Graves, Richard Sapper, Fank Ghery, and Aldo Rossi. Transform your stovetop into an art gallery when you feature a gorgeous Alessi tea kettle.

Look very carefully at the at the ultra-modern Alessi tea kettle to the right. The mahogany spout is a fish. And I think the tea pot steel portion looks like a fish fin. But that's the fun of modern art, your interpretation can change with the light. The cool mirror-polished steel complements the warm mahogany. This is the tea pot I was given as a wedding gift. I have since lived in ultra-modern city apartments and now in a 19th Century Maine farmhouse. The Alessi tea kettle has looked beautiful in all of them. It's the stainless steel and wood combo that lets it blend into every kitchen decor.

Alessi Frank Ghery Pito Kettle

Alessi Frank Ghery Pito Kettle
$660.00  $418.00

The Alessi FM Kettle by Richard Sapper is more traditional in design than than the Frank Ghery tea kettle, but it is every bit as beautiful. It is also made in cool mirror polished stainless steel, with a warm-tone melodic spout. Think of this as a two-tone gold necklace that allows you to wear either your gold or silver earrings. Even the black handle allows you to pair it with your black appliances. The design elements are both round, curved and linear, so it will complement all of your other kitchen appliances and gadgets, whatever style you bring in.

Michael Graves is another post-modern architect who has entired the realm of home decor and accessories. Alessi kitchen accessories give you a full choice of tea kettles. You can choose tea kettles with whistles and those that don't. You can also choose the kind of tea kettle that you heat over the stove or electric water kettles. And they aren't all black and stainless steel. Graves and Alessi had a pop of blue as shown with the Alessi tea kettle to the right. And these tea kettles whistle reliably. There's not chance that you'll put on your water to boil and be able to forget about it.

Alessi Il Conico Water Kettle by Aldo Rossi

Il Conico Water Kettle by Alessi
Only $285.00

I can see the Alessi Il Conico tea kettle, designed by famed Italian architect Aldo Rossi, as one of the whimsical objects in a Miro painting. The perfect proportion and shape of this modern-art tea kettle can be the touch of the unexpected in your kitchen. It's visually important to have something in a room that creates a visual spark that your eye lands on and makes you smile. Quite frankly having everything matchy match can create a boring visual landscape and ordinary home decor. Because the Alessi Il Conico is also a high-quality tea kettle, you have introduced a piece of art in an unexpected place. Very cool.

Designed by Italian architect and Alessi designer Stefano Giovannoni, the Mami Tea Kettle is all about the round and soft lines of the maternal. The one thing that I can't decribe to you is the beauty of the Alessi tea kettle whistle. It is never shrill, but a beautiful reminder that your water is ready for tea. Sometimes, I don't rush to my Alessi Tea Kettle. I let it just boil a bit so I can hear the changes in pitch, which have been beautifully harmonized.

Alessi Mami Kettle by Stefano Giovannoni

Alessi Mami Kettle
Only $210.0

Choose the Perfect Alessi Tea Kettle for Your Home Decor and Personal Style

So whether you choose the abstract fish Alessi Tea Kettle by Frank Ghery, the somewhat traditional Richard Sapper Alessi Tea Kettle, the Michael Graves Alessi electric kettle, the ultra-modern shape of the Aldo Rossi Alessi Tea Kettle or the soft and round maternal vibe of the Stefano Giovannoni Alessi Tea Kettle, you'll always add a touch of high-quality artistic design to your kitchen.

Updated: 10/23/2012, Digby_Adams
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