Egg Poachers Make Cooking Eggs Simple

by Digby_Adams

Both microwave and electric egg poachers let you quickly cook lots of eggs without a lot of effort. So you might enjoy more hearty and delicious breakfasts with your family.

Egg poachers let you cook eggs without standing over them and carefully monitoring their progress. This is really helpful in the morning if you're on a tight schedule or have lots of kids to get out of the house for the school bus. An egg poacher also ensures that your eggs are poached just right every time.

There are both electric and microwave egg cookers. Many of the egg poachers will also let you boil eggs in the shell as well. Most of the egg poachers work on the same principle. You take the egg out of the shell and put it in one of the egg compartments. The cooking time is controlled by the amount of water you put in the egg poacher. The water amounts are clearly spelled out in the eggs poacher instructions.

Egg Poachers

If you want no fuss eggs, then an automatic egg cooker or poacher is your best bet. These models just let you put in the eggs and do something else until the timer beeps to tell you that the eggs are ready!

Learn How to Use an Egg Poacher

Automatic Egg Cookers or Poachers

Easy and Reliable Eggs
Krups F2307051 Egg Cooker for boiled ...
Only $105.0
Chef's Choice 810 Gourmet Egg Cooker
Only $40.4
Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker
Only $49.99

These automatic egg cookers can hold up to 7 eggs and will allow you to either poach or boil. The Cuisinart egg cooker is perfect if you have a modern kitchen and prefer stainless steel kitchen appliances.

The Henrietta Hen egg cooker is perhaps the most famous egg poacher of them all! Your kids will love watching Henrietta cook their breakfast. You can poach 4 eggs or cook 7 eggs in her. You can choose to cook your eggs 3 ways - soft, medium, hard. There's a handy egg piercer that you can opt to use, if you're boiling eggs so the shells won't crack. Except for the power base, all of the Henrietta Hen egg cooker is dishwasher safe.

Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker, White
$34.32  $30.46

Maverick Egg Cooker/Poacher

Maverick EC-200 400-Watt Egg Cooker/Poacher, Black
$29.99  $23.58

This egg poacher measures 6 inches x 6 inches x 6.5 inches, so it will fit in the smallest kitchens. Yet it will boil up to 7 eggs and poach up to 4. The Maverick egg poacher comes with its own measuring cup to put water in the base, has a lighted on/off button and an alarm buzzes to let you know when your eggs are done. Easy to take apart and keep clean. I think this is a perfect dorm room appliance for a student who loves breakfast but can never get to the cafeteria on time.

If you prefer using your microwave, then you'll enjoy the Progressive International Egg Poacher. Conveniently poach up to 4 eggs in your microwave at once. The eggs are cooked in a nice round shape that are perfect for breakfast sandwich or gourmet breakfast presentations. Easy clean up is guaranteed with non-stick surfaces. Dishwasher safe to keep everything sparkling!

Progressive International Microwave Egg Poacher

Progressive International Microwavable Four Egg Poacher
Only $13.99

Smaller families or one-person households will love using the Nordic Ware Microwavable egg poacher that has only two cavities. Put the eggs in and pop it in the microwave. In minutes your eggs will be ready and perfect! If you already use your microwave a lot, then you know that you might have to experiment a bit to find the right cooking time. I always use a turntable when I use a microwave.

My parents have a very traditional marriage. Mom stays home and Dad works. He is lucky that he is able to walk to work in about 5 minutes. He also comes home for lunch every day, which my Mom usually has waiting. But when she has to be gone for his lunch break - which means Dad is cooking, he will almost always cook poached eggs on toast. This actually means he pushing the lever down on the electric egg poacher and makes toast! My mom sets up the egg poacher with the water and eggs. She cuts up fruit or some side dish and puts it in the refrigerator, so day can "make his lunch."

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