How to Describe Yourself with right Positive and Effective Words

by Tehreem

Now you won't be having difficulty in describing yourself to job interviewers, friends and others

Describing yourself can be hard- particularly when it comes to describing the positive qualities you may possess. My own experience in a Psychology class taught me the power of being able to list your good qualities. Why then do we only seek to belittle ourselves by merely using words like ‘over thinker’, ‘lazy’, or ‘nosy’? Being able to describe your positive abilities in the strongest of terms is a good practice- because sometimes good isn’t good enough. You can do wonders; not only for the way you feel, but in terms of your social life, your love life and even- more importantly, your career. We have tried our best to list down the best words that can help you positively describe yourself- without exaggerating your abilities- as well as some of the best words to describe your negative words- without making it sound as though you’re irreparable and the worst person around!
However- what matters at the end of the day are the words you consider best for describing yourself, in different situations.

Positive Traits for Online Dating

So you’re single- and ready to mingle!; this is the most clichéd phrase. You would really like to meet the love of your life, but you don’t know if he or she even exists- you’ve seemingly exhausted all your resources, and now the only thing left is gasp! Online dating.

It all depends, how you initially describe yourself before the actual encounter. For online dating, it’s not as simple as simply listing your positive qualities- you want the other person to know they’re talking to a human they can connect with. Hence, instead of simply saying, Funny’, you say, ‘Life is so beautiful I can’t stop laughing?’.

Or instead of simply listing that one of your hobbies is ‘cooking’, you mention, ‘I can bake so well, you’ll be eating out of my hand in no time?’

Similarly, if being a plus sized woman is something you’re proud of, you should mention it- not just as a line ,but in a proper sentence, ‘I am a beautiful big woman and proud of it’.

The trick is to elaborate on all your positive qualities- anyone whose interested in online dating will want to fully look into a potential partner’s characteristics, hence it isn’t as automatic and bleak as a mere employer hoping to hire someone! 






With Integrity







Open minded





Negative Traits for Online Dating

So far as turnoffs in the dating world are concerned, there are many! However, there are many ways to frankly mention your bad qualities, without upsetting anyone!

If you’re someone who gets upset quickly, don’t write, ‘I am moody’. That presents you as someone sulky and unlikable. Instead, say, ‘I frequently get the blues. However, this is a problem I am trying to deal with’.

Similarly, ‘I am overweight’; which automatically makes you sound frumpy and unattractive could be rephrased as, ‘I have had some weight problems but I am now trying to be/ am much healthier now’. The key with negative qualities is to ensure the other person that while you may not be perfect or simply boastful, you are at the same time human with a human redeemable bad traits-  which are common problems and nothing to run away from!

Positive Traits for Social Life

When meeting new people, we want to win their friendship, and the way to do this is different to that of winning over a potential dating mate.

With friends, we mostly want them to see a more balanced lighter and darker side of ourselves.

Hence, some words to describe yourself here would be, ‘Humorous’, ‘Funny’, ‘Lighthearted’ and ‘Always able to take a joke’. Because who won’t want to be around someone ready to cheer them up or even just themselves?

On the other hand, you still want your friends to understand that you’re not just the class goofball- you are serious about your goals and the people in your life. Smart words such as, ‘committed’, ‘assertive’, ‘loyal’, hardworking’, even phrases such as, ‘ready to protect the people I care about’, reinforces a positive image to those around you. Following are the words you may consider using when introducing someone: 














Negative Traits for Social Life

Words like, ‘lazy’, or ‘too lazy to clean my dorm room’, may send a negative message to someone while words like, ‘unmotivated’, ‘undisciplined’, ‘uncommitted’, may simply put you off as someone whose both boring and uninspired.

Hence, instead of being viewed as maladjusted, lonely or clingy because you haven’t got a boyfriend, if asked, you could cheerfully reply with a, ‘Well, I’m single. But I’ve got my hands full nonetheless’, and list all the jobs, hobbies and fun things you do on your own, because believe it or not, even being single or committed, describes you as a person!

Positive Traits for Job Interviews

We have now arrived at some of the hardest people to please- which are potential employers. They are busy, and unlike your friends or lovers, mostly in no mood to sift through a series of personality tests or quizzes describing you. So if often comes down to ONE word that best describes you.

Think on it. Hard isn’t it? Nonetheless, some of the best words that may win you the job would be ones such as:




















Customer Oriented



Negative Traits for Job Interviews

This is the trickiest part of them all. The interviewer demands to know your weaknesses and is busy scrutinizing you; ready to see how you respond. Sweaty palms, racing thoughts, don’t know what to say?

Well here’s your answer now!

An employer is more likely to reject you if he believes that your problem is one that will both affect your work and can't be fixed. Hence, your answer should be that you’ve been getting better at your weakness, and hope that you’ll soon be good at it! Potential employers also watch out for exaggerated weaknesses or ones that sound more as though you’re boasting about a good quality and only seem to want to make it look bad!

Updated: 10/23/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/23/2014

Nice article

AbbyFitz on 01/14/2014

These words are really helpful. I recently did my resume and it was hard!

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