How to do Your Own Anti-Aging Manicure

by Angel

Our hands can tell our age if not taken care of. Tips to give yourself an anti-aging manicure including nail colors.

Many of us spend time every day going through a skin care regimen for our face. How many people do the same for their hands? Our hands can be a very clear indicator of how old we are. Taking care of your hands should be included in your skin care regimen. As a way many of us express ourselves, our hands are out there for everyone to see. There are things you can do to your hands to make them look younger and keep them looking younger.

Do It Yourself Anti-Aging Manicure

  1. Trim your nails to whatever length you like. Hint: Shorter nails make your hands look younger.
  2. Mix together equal parts of milk and warm water in a bowl. Make sure the bowl is big enough for your to soak both your entire hands in. The lactic acid in the milk helps to exfoliate your hands.
  3. Add Vitamin E to mixture for extra soft hands.
  4. Soak hands for 30 minutes.
  5. Dry hands off and apply cuticle cream or oil.
  6. Push cuticles back gently.
  7. Use a gentle facial scrub and exfoliate hands one more time.
  8. Apply a retinol cream to your hands.
  9. Add two coats of a flattering nail color.
  10. Finish with a glossy top coat.
  11. Allow to dry for 45 minutes while relaxing.

Tips for Younger Looking Hands

  • Moisturize your cuticles every day. Solar Oil is great to keep by your bed side table.
  • Use a non acetone nail color remover so it won't dry out your hands.
  • For dry skin use a lotion that includes Ceremides like CeraVe.
  • For wrinkles use a retinol cream every night.
  • To even out brown spots use Ambi Fade Cream on your hands.
  • A glossy top coat applied after nail color makes your hands look younger and they stand out so much more.
  • Use a facial scrub to exfoliate your hands often.
  • Stay away from nail colors that will accentuate your veins and spots on your hands. Bluish reds and white nudes will do this.
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Sure Fire Manicure Killer

  • Alcohol – hand sanitizers will dull your polish and sometimes will even take away the top coat.
  • Body and facial scrubs if used in the shower will chip away at your manicure too.
  • Keep hands away from cold water after a manicure to keep the polish from cracking.
  • Folding warm laundry will soften the nail polish and cause imperfections.
  • Texting can also chip away at your nice manicure.

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Audrey Hunt on 07/31/2013

I love your nail care Katie! The tip on keeping the nails shorter for a younger look is very helpful. My hands really give away my age. Wish I could get some botox :)

Angel on 05/30/2012

Thanks Katie! I usually think about my hands last. As I age they start to look older and older. I have started using Retinol on them too! They look better already. I can't do much with really long nails. I like to keep mine shorter so they don't break as often.

katiem2 on 05/30/2012

Great nail care information for my Mom, she wears her natural nails SO long! They grow really fast and she keeps them manicured but they are just to long for any age, IMO, thanks for the anti aging manicure tips the hands are the first signs of aging and, as you've pointed out nothing a good manicure can't cure or reverse the signs of aging.

Angel on 04/18/2012

Digby - I just recently got serious about my hands and the way they look. I have always taken care of my face but neglected my hands. Like you said, with working outside and washing, painting, etc. It is hard on our hands. I should use gloves a lot more than I do too! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Digby_Adams on 04/17/2012

Between I spend in the garden and the time I spend painting, my hands are a wreck. I'm only 28, but I bet if people looked at my hands they would probably add 20 years! I think I need to take your advice to heart!

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