How To Draw A Minotaurs Head Step By Step

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Draw a Minotaur head step by step with enough inspiration to create a classic fantasy creature such as the Minotaur which is a half Bull half Human fantasy creature.

How To Draw A Minotaurs Head

Drawing A Minotaurs Face

Drawing a Minotaurs head step by step from the pencil sketch stage to the inking stage. The idea with this one is to just draw a general concept of a Minotaurs head drawn in a comic book art style. The design will come alive in the coloring process which will follow soon. Minotaurs look like half Bull and half Human shaped figures and you can draw them anyway you want, but since this is just the head drawing for now we will focus on drawing the Minotaurs head. (We'll draw the full figure in another article!)

The first step is to get the face right. I was lucky as I already have a Chronicles Of Narnia action figure I borrowed off my Son to use as a reference and the Minotaur was a classic reference to a proper fantasy creature and it looked great, so I used that as a model for the head drawing and will do the same for thefull figure at a later time.

How To Draw A Minotaurs Head

Drawing Minotaurs

Ink Your Minotaurs Head

Inking Your Pencil Drawing Of A Minotaur

Inking is a comic book term that is the process of creating solid black inkwork over pencilled artwork and doing more with the drawing than a mere pencil drawing could do. The ink lines seem to pop out the drawing or design and it's really up to you and your own judgement when committing to the inking process as to the right balance of shading and line weights you want to use. I'll use any markers for the inking such as gel ink pens, Sharpie markers or super fine point ink pens and sometimes a mix of these can add some cool contrast to your finished artwork.

As usual I tried to follow the underlying pencil lines but also to improve the drawing as I go along. The end result is a better cartoon drawing of a fantasy Minotaur creature really, but still it's an effective way of drawing something particularly if you haven't really drawn it before like I haven't. So the more you draw something the better it will become and more improved the drawing will be.

Take a look in the video below and ink your Minotaurs head better than mine....

Inking The Minotaurs Head And Face

Drawing Minotaur Head Drawing Video

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Coloring Video Demonstration With Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Color Your Minotaurs Face

Primsacolor pencils are really cool pencils that can be blended really well just like the equally brilliant Crayolas. And when coloring this Minotaurs head in I used a few colors to achieve the finished color rough.

  • Dark and light Brown for the hair.
  • Peach color for the skin areas
  • Black pencil for the horns.
  • Blue for the eyes.
  • White to blend the horns into a grey color and if you have time blend the rest of the faces colors together.
  • Red for the tongue and nostrils.

Now you should have a Minotaur head design we will do a Minotaur figure drawing tutorial very soon. Enjoy drawing and creating fantasy art because I do!

How To Color A Minotaurs Head

Coloring With Prismacolor Pencils - Minotaur Face

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Drawing Minotaurs

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