How To Draw A Predator Mask

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Drawing a Predator mask from the Predator movies and much loved comic books. Step by Step video drawing tutorials.

Draw A Predator Mask

Predator Mask Video Drawing Tutorial

Drawing a Predator mask is something that can be created with a simple step by step approach to achieving the iconic mask of this alien hunter from the movies. A Predator mask looks quite basic and so it may look easy to draw, but when starting to draw the mask you need to plan that drawing by sketching roughly the important areas of the mask like the eyes and the overall shape of the cheekbones which does slightly suggest the Predators face underneath.

When drawing the mask, try to consider what's underneath the mask and you can find out how to draw a Predator face right at the bottom of this page. Once you understand the structure of the face underneath, then you can try to master a Predators mask with confidence.

So in the following drawing the drawing of the Predator mask starts off with a draft sketch to find the shape of the mask and you could if you wanted to have a reference photo to hand of the Predator mask to work from.

Draw lightly to start off with a try to get a feel for the structure in a very basic way....

Drawing A Predator Mask Video 1

Draft Sketch The Predator Mask

Drawing Video 2

Applying Shading To Your Mask

Shading the mask is the next step to do and this can be done with most soft pencils and this I do with a mechanical pencil which is an HB pencil and I shade the eyes and the dome of the Predator mask and also darken the pencil lines from the sketch draft of the early steps.

Try and even up the mask now and make it more visually acceptable and look for things to improve upon like the laser sighting at the side of the mask.

Draw A Predator Mask Video 2

Shading The Predator Mask With Pencil

Drawing Video Tutorial Video 3

Adding The Final Touches

The predator mask is what we have focused on in this drawing video 3 part tutorial and we try to add some minor details like scratches on the mask and yet more shading applied to give it more of a 3D look and feel. The dreadlocks aren't really part of the mask just the design so I loosely sketched them in. See here to see how to draw a Predator face

When drawing your own Predator mask it is essential that you jump right in and start to sketch, if you make a mistake, then don't worry, just start again. Drawing anything is really just about finding things you are good at drawing and developing them ideas.

Draw A Predator Mask Video 3

Finishing The Predator Mask Drawing
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Draw A Predator Mask

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/06/2023

The first paragraph to the first subheading, Draw A Predator Mask Predator Mask Video Drawing Tutorial, considers drawing first eyes and then cheekbones.

Criminal justice describes the upside-down triangle of identification of eyes, nose and mouth.

It does seem that cheekbones would be quite instrumental in recognizing, or not, a friendly or a frightening face.

Where might drawing the mouth fit into the predator-mask sequence?

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