How To Draw A Skull Tattoo Idea

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Draw a skull tattoo three part drawing video series. Draw a skull tattoo step by step and follow the videos to get some tips.

How to draw a skull tattoo idea with inspirational drawing videos that can help to show you the drawing process mainly for ideas on how to draw possible skull shapes for your tattoo designs.

Draw A Skull Tattoo Step By Step

Drawing Skull Tattoo Art

When drawing a skull tattoo you can really tell how the drawing is going to turn out through a series of drawing demonstrations through video and it's usually a great idea to do before you attempt to draw a skull tattoo of your own.

In the first art video below we can really start to sketch out our skull design in pencil lightly and then try to work it all out on the page. Starting with the skull shape first it's just a case of drawing what you imagine to come next, so certainly drawing some quick skull sketches could help with perfecting the art of drawing skulls.

I drew this pencil skull tattoo sketch with a 3B pencil as it is a soft pencil that isn't as light as a H grade pencil which is a hard pencil to sketch with as it doesn't show up as good as a soft pencil. When drawing your own skull tattoos, you can draw them any which way you want and with some cool design elements that help set the skull art off, try drawing a skull like in the videos below and then go from there with your own efforts and see what you can come up with.

Draw A Skull Tattoo Idea

Draw skull Video Part 1 Video

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Skull Tattoo Art Sketch Video

Ink The Skull Tattoo Idea

After finishing the skull tattoo art pencil drawing inking it is a must to create some solid ink lines that will get rid of any pencil lines and smudges and make the tattoo design stand out and ready to add color.

Inking isn't just a process of going over the pencil art precisely it's rather a more creative approach by improving the underlying drawing by varying line weights and

Drawing Skull Tattoo Idea Part 2 Video

Skull Tattoo Video Drawing - Inking The Skull

Things To Consider Whan Drawing A Skull Tattoo Idea

Skull Tattoo Concept Thoughts

When drawing a skull tattoo art idea it is a really good idea to combine elements of traditional tattoos such as tribal elements or something that helps set the skull art off like fire and flame surrounding the skull art.

Also varying the line weights you could take a mediocre skull tattoo and make it look really professional with different ink lines on the drawing, Use Thick Sharpie markers and thin fine line ink pens to achieve this with all of your tattoo art. The more you plan your tattoo drawings in pencil the better ideas you'll have finished, because with good planning on all of your tat design drawing, you can soon have a great tattoo portfolio to prove you can create the best tattoos, especially skull art ones.

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Draw Skull Tattoo

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